Hong Kong leading telecommunications company csl prides itself in delivering 5G network to make everyday lives of consumers more convenient and efficient.

At this year’s MARKies Awards, csl has taken home four awards including Best Idea- Partnership/Sponsorship, Best Idea- Mobile & Apps, Best Use of Data/Insights and Best Use of AI.

As the pioneering leader in Hong Kong’s telecom industry, csl understood that telecom operators could no longer just sit back and simply offer the 5G network capacity and connectivity hardware, but also needed to offer a full solution of IoT services to ramp up the adoption of 5G while enhancing the 5G experience to accelerate Hong Kong into the next generation of smart cities.

As such, csl tapped into the latest boy band frenzy, MIRROR, to engage with consumers three years ago by featuring them in different campaigns such as “Experience the w orld d ifferently” to promote its 5G service, which was launched last November.

csl 2

The brand has further connected with consumers by launching products with AR technology, such as MIRRORVERSE, where consumers can gain exclusive access to boy band MIRROR’s metacommunity anywhere, anytime, through subscribing to csl x MIRROR 5G mobile plan.

To further amplify the power of csl’s 5G technology, the brand offers unique avatar SIM cards, exclusive csl x MIRROR network prompt, innovative AR-enabled merchandise and transformative promotional channels.

For example, the 12 newly designed ‘ csl . 5G x MIRROR’ service plans, each has its own exclusive avatar SIM card and unique features and benefits to reflect the 12-member boy band ensemble. Once fans activate the 5G MIRROR SIM card, csl’s exclusive csl x MIRROR network prompt will offer them access to commence their immersive AR experience. The SIM card also enables fans to access a dedicated MIRROR zone equi pped with MIRROR wallpapers, WhatsApp stickers and ringtones to personalise their phones.

To offer a more memorable 5G experience for consumers with AR technology, MIRROR cards were a breakthrough csl has achieved. c sl could now connect with fans regularly with fresh content and keepsakes in 12-AR enabled cards to create an engaging experience.   Moreover, by collecting and scanning three consecutive AR-enabled cards, individual AR videos merged to reveal exclusive MIRROR memoirs.

The AR-enabled calendar invented by csl also allows fans to immerse themselves in MIRROR fandom 365 days. By scanning the image of each calendar month, fans could get a daily slice of life of MIRROR with a range of video contents including festive greetings, trivia and secret messages up to date. 

Located near department store SOGO at Causeway Bay, the outdoor billboard ad was created. Passers-by can use the camera of any compatible 5G mobile handset after downloading and activating the “ csl . 5G Lens” to turn the static billboard into an interactive video. The MIRROR virtual billboard was in action until 4 January 2022. 

c sl said the AR technology used in the campaign, in conjunction with csl’s 5G network, opens up outdoor-to-online advertising possibilities for companies.  
In addition to the billboard, csl also launched a pop-up galleries at Times Square , H arbour city and Hollywood P laza , featuring all 12 MIRROR members. An exclusive MIRROR fan club corner is being established, allowing fans to source, share and swap MIRROR collectibles. 

"Since we launched 5G and the ‘ csl . 5G Lens’ last April, we’ve been working hard to grow our 5G ecosystem, so customers can reap the benefits of this exciting technology," said Bruce Lam , m anaging d irector of c onsumer m obile of CSL Mobile Limited .  
"For example, we’ve harnessed the power of 5G to make this large-scale MIRROR AR spectacle available to Hong Kong citizens. It demonstrates the potential of AR technology and how easily it can become part of our everyday lives. In fact, this is just the start of a sensational new trend in Hong Kong, which is known worldwide as an early adopter of new technologies," he added. 

The article is sponsored by CSL Mobile Limited

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