As an award-winning digital agency in Hong Kong and Taiwan, DigiSalad has earned its reputation through striving to offer the best user experience with professional digital strategies for clients.

The name Digi S alad comes from the belief that digital media is like a mixed salad with lots of different ingredients. For exam ple, UX and UI design, f ront- e nd w eb d evelopment, m obile a pp d evelopment, c ustomer l oyalty, l ocation m arketing, m otion g raphic, s earch e ngine o ptimisation (SEO) and other digital strategies.

Formed by UX-driven professional team, DigiSalad provides a wide range of digital solutions and creative ideas for clients, including providing UX consultancy services, creating user interface design, web and app development, all-rounded digital solutions and brand consultancy service for clients. Through deeply understanding its users’ needs, behaviours and the technology they are using, the company’s business is so much more than designing for a screen.

image2 uxui process

The agency’s work process for each work starts from UX design, including researching, information architecture, user interview, to UI design, development and launch, creating tailor- made d igital transformation solutions for each client. Its recent work in cludes Langham Place’s customer loyalty mobile app revamp, Tai Kwun’s “serendipity in the street” website, China Mobile International’s website revamp and 3D modelling , Neoderm’s Gratus app and web UI/UX design and more. 

Take Tai Kwun’s “serendipity in t he street” website for example, Tai Kwun partnered with DigiSalad last year and launched the online-to-offline (O2O) website, allowing the public to carry on their journey online after visiting the exhibition in Tai Kwun .

Within the project, how to increa se visitors’ engagement with the exhibition is the highlight. With applying O2O strategy in the website, visitors can extend their journey of urban observation from offline exhibition to online with the website. DigiSalad has designed an interactive Q&A se ction to arouse the audience's interest where users are encouraged to engage with the community through selecting different venues and observation ways. What’s more, “Your Ideal Space”, an interactive survey, will suggest the most suitable place for the us ers based on their corresponding preferences. Not only can it spot the corner hidden in plain sight, but it can also enhance the engagement between the destinations and the public.

image3 tai kwun 2

Furthermore, DigiSalad understood w ebsite UI d esign plays a critical role in strengthening the brand identity. Therefore, the main design is designed in black and white which matches both the event theme and brand image. At the same time, DigiSalad designed various outline style icons, drawings and we b transition effects to enhance the user experience.

With more than ten years of experience in digital solutions, Tony Ng, f ounder and c reative d irector of DigiSalad , has a unique view towards his business that “a great digital work isn’t about designi ng beautiful pages purely. It is about context - how do we deliver the right experience to the right person at the right time. The most important thing is that your work can engage customers at anytime, anywhere and let users experience an entire amazing d igital journey,” Ng added. 

Moving forward, the agency believes that there will be more unknown “ingredients” and new possibilities for it to explore in the coming future. The uncertainties and challenges in the digital world have definitely given it exci tement and motivation to keep improving.

The article is sponsored by DigiSalad

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