According to Oxford Languages, Technology is defined as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industries. Technology should not be something that is mysterious or even intimidating. Us in the industry should definitely make use of technology to help us. Whether it be to improve our brands or enhance customer experiences, we have been incorporating technology to help business.


One of our clients, Pacific Place by Swire Properties, is trying to hold on to their decades-long tradition of having Santa over for Christmas. But due to the pandemic, that tradition seems to have to end. So after discussing with our team, we decided to use technology to continue this tradition of taking Christmas pictures with Santa. The technology we decided to use is Augmented Reality, or AR in short. By using this AR technology, we were able to help our client continue a tradition that has been around for decades and bring the Joy of Christmas even during the pandemic.

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Another way we have used technology is when we participated in the Digital Art Fair. We collaborated with the curator of the well-known King of Kowloon to bring back his artwork to live. The works of King of Kowloon that were once very prominent, are now starting to disappear one by one.

The revitalisation projects of different districts in Hong Kong are painting over and covering the works of King of Kowloon that was once filling up the walls of Hong Kong. Using technology, we want to rediscover his works and let the people experience uncovering King of Kowloon’s artworks.

Using projection and goggle-less Virtual Reality technology, we created the digital artwork, “Uncovering King of Kowloon” where using a torch that has been installed with sensors, people are able to scan through what seems to be a blank wall, and uncover King of Kowloon’s work that is hidden in this wall. Visitors are able to experience rediscovering the works of King of Kowloon in a way that they never could by using technology.

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A collaboration that we have with Youth Square is also one of our most exciting projects, instead of just creating a project, we created a custom tailor-made solution for Youth Square. Youth Square wanted to create a digital art experience that not only will be enjoyed by the youths, but also created by the youths.

So what we then created is a collaboration between our team and the youths of Youth Square. We created classes for these interested youths to join, in which they learn how to create a digital art. After the students are done with the class, the best student work was then chosen and converted into an interactive digital art by our team.

Since we have started this collaboration, we have produced three different digital artworks that can be enjoyed by the visitors at Youth Square. As mentioned in the beginning, technology is not meant to intimidate us in the industry, but to help us. We would be more than happy to help in any way possible to discuss with you on ways that can help your business.

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