Following the news of HUGO BOSS standing behind Joseph Schooling after the Singapore first Olympic gold medallists’, confessed to taking cannabis, the brand has garnered a 27% have a more positive opinion, according to latest reports from Milieu Insight. This comes largely from those aged 25-35 years old.

When MARKETING-INTERACTIVE first broke the story on HUGO BOSS’ unwavering support, managing director Steven Lam said what is more important is Schooling’s ability to take ownership of his mistake. Lam added that over the years, Schooling has always been a positive influence in and out of the pool, having inspired many kids to believe in themselves, to work hard and to chase their dreams. 

“We have taught future generations that it’s ok to make mistakes, to own up, but you will have to take responsibility and more importantly, fix it,” said Lam. He added, “It will be a long road ahead for Joseph but we believe he will now show us how he will make good his promise to rebuild the trust with the people who believe in him. Our partnership and support for Joseph remains strong and unwavered.”

Around 46% of Singaporeans are very or somewhat supportive of the brand’s decision, and 42% are neutral about it, said the report. Meanwhile, four in 10 respondents said the incident did not change their opinions of Joseph Schooling, but a 29% indicated a negative skew towards his image. According to the study, 90% of Singaporeans strongly agree/ agree/ somewhat agree that as public figures, national athletes should be held to a higher standard of conduct.

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