To introduce IKEA's latest autumn collection, the brand has launched a new campaign highlighting how IKEA's products can enhance the home, without breaking the bank.

With the home becoming the primary realm of our lives as the pandemic proves here to stay, Hong Kongers are becoming more committed to finding ways to improve and re-design their home environment. Recognising the pandemic has also resulted in financial pressures, IKEA devoted itself to making its products affordable for everyone, demonstrating that price doesn't have to restrict you from achieving your dream home.

Together with media agency OMD, IKEA's latest Campaign, "Affordable makes wonderful,” introduces its brand new online low-price catalogue showcasing products ranging from HK$1 to HK$100.

In a savvy media strategy that strongly links price with placement, OMD was tasked to reinforce the attractive price points by utilising relevant media and real-time data.  With the catalogue housed online, OMD leveraged digital formats such as YouTube to demonstrate the accessibility and affordability of IKEA products in snackable short-form videos that highlight the best deals of the week.

Partnering with Verizon Media, OMD leveraged real-time data to introduce a live product calendar, suggesting products from the catalogue with prices reflecting the current time at that very moment.

Furthermore, recognising key topics such as the need for high efficiency during weekdays, do it yourself on weekends, and cooling tricks for hot summer days, OMD tapped into weather and time data to provide relevant tips and home decor inspiration.

Finally, to grab Hong Konger’s attention and create a powerful association with affordability, OMD have wrapped busses with selected IKEA Products, matching the price directly with the bus route number they are on.

"IKEA was established with a mission to enhance customers everyday life with affordable products, and this pandemic has further cemented our principle. In our latest campaign with OMD, we aim to demonstrate our commitment in making affordable wonderful," Nicole Hsu, external communication manager, DF IKEA North Asia said.

"IKEA has a firm grasp of its customer's needs, and in its latest online catalogue, its addresses the demand for affordable home living. We are delighted to work on a campaign that provides affordable lifestyle-enhancing solutions for Hong Kongers," Florence Wong, OMD CEO added.

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