Jakarta public metro has released zombies on to its tracks in a bid to create an experience for the younger generation and urge them to take public transport more often.  The marketing gimmick saw actors in apocalyptic zombie settings for the "Train to Apocalyse". According to The Star , the promotional strategy was inspired by Yeon Sang-ho's South Korean zombie film, Train to Busan , and the participants experienced fake safety evacuations, security guards and of course zombies.

The initiative saw netizen posting experiences of witnessing people getting attacked and turning into zombies, commuters were thrilled and absorbed into this occasion. Local influencers have been posting videos of the experience, which is garnering buzz.


The event also has given the commuters a real taste of what an apocalypse would feel like, when the opportunity they had to "escape" and "run" for their lives during a staged and fake emergency evacuation. This action-packed horror strategy was taken place at North Boulevard Station in Kelapa Gading in Jakarta, which cost IDR60,000 to IDR70,000 and Indonesian residents who are 15 years of age are able to seek their thrills until 11 September 2022, reported Malay Mail .

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