INFINITI has proposed a redesign of the car emoji to the Unicode Consortium, an organisation which manages and selects the emoji icons used by the world’s smartphones. This is with the aim of modernising the emoji into something that better reflects its design philosophy and represents the auto design community globally. 

Done in conjunction with World Emoji Day on 17 July, INFINITI also wanted to trigger conversations with this redesign. The creative concept came from its global lead agency Publicis and according to INFINITI's spokesperson, the team has been working on it since early June from the Tokyo office. 

"This is part of our 'always-on' social media approach trying to identify and plan international days as content opportunities throughout the year," the spokesperson told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE

Emojis are now commonly used in this digital age and brands should definitely consider using them, especially in drawing consumers to open their eDMs or push notifications. Adobe's Global Emoji Trend Report last year found that 60% of emoji users worldwide are likely to open an email or push notifications that contain emoji, especially if that emoji is their favourite (63%).

Meanwhile, 42% of global emoji users are more likely to purchase products that are advertised using emoji. Gen Zs (70%) and Millennials (63%), in particular, are likely to open an email or push notification with an emoji in the subject line. Also, nearly half of global emoji users are more likely to respond to a message if it contains an emoji (47%).

At the same time, the report found that brands come across as more relatable when they use emoji in online marketing (51%), and consumers are more likely to like, comment or share posts from brands on social media if emoji are included (50%).

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