Instagram has launched its new “Data From Partners” ad setting today, which will allow users to indicate whether they want Instagram to use data about their activity from partners to personalise their ads on Instagram. This includes information about your activity on third-party sites and apps, as well as offline interactions with advertisers, such as in-store purchases.

Instagram will be providing a one-time in-app notification which directs users to review their ad settings. If users opt out on Instagram, data about their activity from partners will not be used to personalise their ads on Instagram. Users who have connected their Facebook and Instagram accounts will also see an option for both surfaces on their settings page.

This comes as Instagram most recently placed a “Reels” and “Shop” tab on its home page. According to Instagram, the Reels tab makes it easier for consumers to discover short, fun videos from creators all over the world, while the Shop tab gives them a better way to connect with brands and creators and discover products they are interested in.

This comes as Instagram said it saw an “explosion” in short-entertaining videos on its platform, as well as an “incredible amount of shopping” moved online. According to CNBC , Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri also said the company will be placing ads in Reels. As for its shop tab, Instagram will reportedly be taking a slice of each transaction for purchases made through the app.

In an official blog post, Instagram said it hasn’t updated its home screen in “a big way for quite a while”. However, with the changing ways of content creation and culture appreciation, Instagram said its biggest risk is that it does not change and becomes irrelevant.

“We’re excited about the new design and believe it gives the app a much-needed refresh, while staying true to our core value of simplicity,” the blog post added.

Instagram first launched its Shops function earlier in May. With Shops, users can visit a shop from a business' Instagram profile or through feed and Stories. Users can also browse products, explore collections and purchase products through Instagram’s in-app browser, without leaving the app from shops with checkout.

Meanwhile, it introduced its Reels function in August. Similar to TikTok, Reels allows users to record and edit 15-secon videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools. Users can also share Reels with their followers on feed, and even make them available to the wider Instagram community.

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