This post was done in collaboration with Yahoo. 

At a Glance


ITeSHOP aims to capture the opportunities stemmed from the recovering economy in H2 2021 and boost its annual GIGON Sale programme through effective advertising strategies. 


Aimed at digital-savvy fashionistas and sale-hunters, Yahoo's DSP campaign captured the audience's purchasing journey for seven days during the GIGON Sale. 


The ITeSHOP eCommerce site received more than 70,000 clicks from Yahoo. Thanks to Yahoo's DSP with retargeting CPA, the campaign recorded high numbers of purchases with the overall CPA rates as low as 33%. DOOH audience impressions also peaked at 600,000.

ITeSHOP SS21 GIGON campaign

ITeSHOP was committed to pushing the latest SS21 pieces during GIGON. Off-season items also drove sales during the campaign period. Hence, the Yahoo and ITeSHOP partnership took a new approach. Yahoo's DSP and the DOOH programme were added to its total solutions to extend its audience reach and find potential passers-by at key shopping districts of Hong Kong.

The fastidious funnel  

Awareness, consideration, and conversion were divided into three separate funnels. The top funnel focused on media commerce via premium and native ads to maximise awareness. 

The campaign reengaged the initial set of interested audiences and expanded the pool with predictive audiences using Yahoo's DSP to build a segment of potential buyers in the consideration stage. Meanwhile, the DOOH was one of the most influential channels implemented and attracted more high potential shoppers. 

Finally, the lower funnel aimed to convert customers via the implementation of call-to-action Dynamic Product Ads featuring attractive and "must-buy" items of ITeSHOP and those already in customer's shopping cart but had not checked out.    inside article iteshop1 1500x463 Evolve with the audience

As the first platform to deploy DOOH in the fashion industry, ITeSHOP's bold and stylish displays were featured on DOOH panels across high fashion shopping areas such as Causeway Bay, Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. The DOOH ads displayed messages centred around GIGON, discounts, as well as a QR code to drive audiences to ITeSHOP while they were waiting for public transport. This strategy drew high awareness for the GIGON Sale and offered an instantaneous purchasing boost to high-spending passers-by.       inside article iteshop2 1500x463 Being concise is key

Since ITeSHOP's stock comprises mainly off-season items during the GIGON Sale, the campaign targeted the last seven days to instil a sense of urgency to shorten the time between acknowledgement and purchasing. A series of "launched" and "last-call" visuals were used to attract target audiences based on their gender, interests and other data optimised by Yahoo's predicative audience AI technology. Softer approaches included Yahoo editorial articles and other content partnerships.  inside article iteshop3 The campaign successfully drove purchases from the retargeting pool through DSP. The retargeting CPA was as low as 33% of the overall CPA. DOOH audience impressions also reached an early 600,000 audience from main shopping districts. As a result, the ITeSHOP e-commerce site received more than 70,000 clicks from Yahoo's referral in total.

If you are interested in Yahoo DSP solutions, reach out to your Yahoo sales representative or email to

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