JCDecaux Transport has unveiled its collaboration with VIOOH, making trading digital OOH easier for Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) advertising.

VIOOH's programmatic platform connects HKIA's advertising inventory to leading DSPs and key buyers, enabling intelligent trading in near real-time and enhancing campaign efficiency and effectiveness. By using VIOOH's existing connections with some of the world's leading demand side platforms, advertisers can now include DOOH in their omni-channel campaigns to deliver a more unified brand experience, driving engagement and influencing consumer behaviour.

Furthermore, the platform promotes transparent trading and measurement which allows digital buyers to plan, target and report when and where the advertising messages will be displayed, including to which audiences, delivering a better buyer experience.

"Hong Kong International Airport advertising is embracing the new era of digitalisation, we are excited and keen to utilise the new data-led audience targeting and programmatic capabilities of VIOOH to provide advertisers with innovative and interactive solutions to connect with the right audience, with the right messages, at the right time along the passenger journey at HKIA," said Shirley Chan, managing director of JCDecaux Transport.

According to JCDecaux Transport, it leverages consumer insights and technology to source new and relevant audience segments to optimise audience reach. Automated audience targeting, by which audiences can be qualified and quantified with "airport audience measurement" (AAM), the first international audience measurement system for the airport industry, offers standardised global metrics to measure airport audiences.

AAM is built based on algorithms that calculate the main components of audience measurement, including the number of unique passengers, reach and frequency, and the total number of viewed impressions. Advertisers can specifically target their audiences and subsequently deliver contextually relevant advertising messages.

"We are excited to be the first major international airport to launch programmatic DOOH for advertising inventories and further enhance HKIA's advertising digital transformation. We believe programmatic buying is the future trend, and introducing this new platform at HKIA will elevate passenger engagement to a whole new level," said Kitty Lo, general manager, retail experience, retail and advertising of the Airport Authority Hong Kong.

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