K11 Art Mall turns into an artsy yet playful place as it is launching the "ARTube’s Art Supermarket" for all trendsetters and art enthusiasts, allowing them to take home Chinese New Year-themed gifts!

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Co-curated by emerging artists Angel Hui and KC Wong, the creative pop-up store "ARTube Art Supermarket" is inspired by the versatility and colourful displays in local supermarkets. The local supermarkets bring people joy and serve people’s needs every day. With the magical touches created by Angel Hui, KC Wong and over 30 local artists, the "ARTube Art Supermarket" showcases multiple works influenced by pop culture, including art toys, sculptures, paintings, installation art, street art and lifestyle products.

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To bring street art to life, the artists transfer the dynamics of the goldfish market and the sneaker street to "chi K11 art space". Moreover, a sea of Lunar flags are installed to greet trendsetters and art enthusiasts in a fun way! Please visit "ARTube’s Art Supermarket" pop-up store at K11 Art Mall in this festive season, and discover more from art and life!

Date: 26 January to 27 February
Location: chi K11 art space, B2/F, K11 Art Mall

This article is sponsored by K11. 

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