KREW DIGITAL has been named as a finalist for numerous categories for the Agency of the Year 2022 award show.  Over the year, it has worked on countless projects for brands across various industries. One of the key projects it worked on was the launch campaign for the “Wheelock x National Geographic Hong Kong Photo Contest 2021”, which garnered multiple accolades.

At the Loyalty and Engagement Award 2022, the project has won the Best Engagement Campaign – Mass Audience – Gold and the Best Use of Contests/Promotions – Gold in the Loyalty and Engagement Award 2022, ultimately allowing the team to earn the “Best of Show” title this year. Apart from that, KREW DIGITAL has also bagged the Best Digital Performance Campaign – Bronze honor at the DigiZ Awards 2021.  

Showcase show down  

Mike Lau, a local filmmaker has been showering the local audience with joy through his lenses as many HongKongers faced the devastating challenges imposed by the pandemic. As its analytic tool KREWatch revealed numerous amounts of data on how people’s emotions are seriously affected by the pandemic, KREW decided to spice things up for the Wheelock and National Geographic partnership, putting Lau as the face of the Hong Kong Photo Contest 2021 to boost campaign awareness and generate maximum submissions.  

With Lau’s influence, the agency hoped to encourage everyone to pick up their camera and rediscover the joy and beauty of the city. The main objective was to motivate the masses to go out and capture the long-neglected gems amidst the dark times. Another key message of the campaign was that everyone can be a photographer to find and spread joy with their cameras. 

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With this in mind, KREW worked in shadows like a ninja, formulating a well-rounded Tick-Tag-Toe strategy.  

The first phase "Tick”, namely the teaser phase, revolved around driving maximum awareness by creating an omnipresence for the upcoming photo contest. Roving exhibitions were held across town to reach different target segments, while KREW continued to approach the existing audience pool through eDM marketing.  

Having set the scene, the second phase “Tag” focused on consideration and education, where the KREW team tagged on the power of influencers to expand reach and increase engagement. The agency kicked off its partnership with Lau by co-producing the contest launch video where he touched on the emotional aspect of photography and urged the audience to see Hong Kong in a different light and capture their own stories.  

With a firm foundation built, KREW arrived at the last phase “Toe” to push for direct recruitment with a 360-degree acquisition net by bombarding advertisements on various platforms online and offline to drive maximum conversions. 

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Results don’t lie 

KREW’s comprehensive strategy proved to be a huge success. Over the campaign period, the overall social media performance exceeded our expectation. The campaign drove a 10% increase in total submission rate for the contest. 

For the new video category, over 60,000 seconds of touching moments about how Hongkongers push through tough times and rediscover joy and love were received. 

Quantitative results aside, the agency felt a sense of real pride in motivating people in celebrating life and capturing the beauty of life through their lenses. Being able to inspire others during dark times is a priceless experience that KREW saw as an honorable achievement.  

This article was sponsored by KREW .

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