We are back with another season of Life after advertising, which spotlights iconic individuals in the advertising and marketing scene who shifted gears and took on a different career path. The first season featured big names including Linda Locke, Matthew Godfrey, Anne Ridwan, and Jeffrey Seah.

With this new season, we will hear from another group of individuals who have carved out a niche for themselves after moving on from the advertising and marketing scene. Kicking off this series is Adrie Basuki who has over 18 years of experience as a marketer. His last role in this space was deputy officer, marketing brand director at Gudang Garam, a position he held for more than two years, according to his LinkedIn. Before that, he was with HM Sampoerna as brand manager for close to four years, and Lowe Lintas Indonesia as business director.

In 2014, he decided to start his own fashion brand known as Adrie Basuki and has since gone on to found his own company Robust Creative Partner, which seeks to build a local community network to build local talent. He also manages the culinary business Dapur Mama Rose. Last year, Basuki launched his own mindfulness practice named Roemah Bahagia.

Listen to the full episode here.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What advice do you have for people who want to go after their passion and not do a 9 to 5 job for the sake of it?

Basuki: You'll have to save for around one and a half years to two years. That's the first thing you'll need to do because you cannot create or develop your product or do your business if you are constantly anxious about money. The second step is to understand what kind of business model fits you because there are several business models. So you will need to know if your business requires plenty of employees as that can be a burden in terms of overhead costs. The third is more about preparing your product and really understanding what type of product is suitable for your target audience.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What advice do you give to people who want to follow their passion but do not have the savings like you mentioned? How can people pick themselves up and rediscover themselves.

Basuki: I think this is the benefit of the digital world right. Currently, we rarely can meet people so we spend a lot of time at home. Hence, my advice to everyone who wants to pursue their passion is to build their equity on social media or on digital platforms. Please learn about content strategy and social media strategy. Also, always explore what kind of product or skills you want to share with the world and provide plenty of valuable information for your target audience. If you don't have any savings right now, you can always stick with your current job first but please build your equity step-by-step through social media because it is doable. 

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: It is difficult to stand out in both fashion and art and be successful because there are a lot of talented people in the world. How do you monetise your passion and balance the books?

Basuki: You have to really understand your business model. When it comes to my fashion line, the pandemic especially is changing everything in the industry. So how I try to survive now is to change my business model from ready-to-wear to pre-order. The challenge for me right now is to create a very good product with a good story.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: Do you still use the skills that you learnt in advertising on a day to day basis now that you are an entrepreneur and running your own business?

Basuki: For sure. You are now in the digital world and everybody is trying to make content. So I am implementing a lot of strategies based on my advertising journey previously. I focus on the consumer story and am trying to inject the emotional aspect into the story and product.

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