Cable service provider Link Net has partnered with digital creator agency Hepmil Media Indonesia to open up collaboration opportunities for entrepreneurs to introduce their brands and interact more closely with millennial and Gen Z customers in Indonesia.

In addition to optimising cable TV and fixed broadband Internet services, as well as connectivity and ICT solutions, the company continues to expand its media services. Through this collaboration with Hepmil Media Group, Link Net can offer advertising space on YouTube Reserved Media and TikTok Branded Content in addition to providing exposure and expand target reach of Link Net’s customers through First Media’s advertising inventory.

YouTube Reserved Media service provides premium advertising inventory transactions on the YouTube platform in Southeast Asia. While on the TikTok branded content service, advertisers can also connect directly with TikTok content creators who are popular in Southeast Asia. Supported by data analysis, creation and launch of content can be customised to the target reach.

Santiwati Basuki, deputy chief marketing officer Link Net said, "According to our vision to be the first choice for broadband and media services, we welcome Hepmil through a solid collaboration. This partnership further complements the advertising inventory available on our services.”

Basuki added that Hepmil's portfolio in creative content implementation and an increasingly comprehensive advertising media inventory, Link Net is confident in providing an integrated media solution, and unique ways to support brands in increasing customer conversions.

Basuki added that Link Net and Hepmil Media Indonesia partnership will provide benefits for brands in maximising the YouTube and TikTok platforms to present various creative content that is right on target. The optimisation of the two most popular platforms for internet users also complements Link Net’s move to reach more young people in Indonesia.

We Are Social 2022 reported that 73.7% of the total population of Indonesia are internet users and 68.9% are active users of social media. YouTube and TikTok are the most widely accessed digital platforms by internet users. The same report also states that YouTube Ads is able to reach 67.9% of total internet users in Indonesia, while TikTok Ads reach 45% of total local internet users in Indonesia.

Karl Mak, co-founder and CEO Hepmil Media Group said, “In the past decade, the digital media sector in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, has grown rapidly. More people are spending time on online media to fulfill their daily needs and entertainment. It is expected that with expansion, investment, and strategic partnerships, we can push digital media in Southeast Asia to become a platform favored by brands.”

Last year, Hepmil Media Group, also received US$10 million in its Series A funding round to support its expansion plans in Southeast Asia. With the investment, Hepmil Media Group is looking to expand into Thailand and Vietnam in 2022. It also has plans to strengthen its leadership in the digital media space and grow its revenue streams. The group will tap on the fund to grow its content and creators' platform and capabilities, expand its esports and gaming network, and develop content capabilities to serve regional commerce players in their direct-to-consumer efforts. 

The investment comes as the Group witnessed a strong revenue performance in 2020 in its current markets, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, despite pandemic-driven challenges. According to the group, this was due to the rising demand for online content and advertising inventory, as brands pivot to a digital-first approach to reach the growing online customer base.

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