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When it comes to romance, are you vocal and upfront about your affection, or are you more of a silent lover?

In celebration of the day for all lovebirds, CMHK has rolled out a unique yet romantic campaign “If you love me, please let me know”. The campaign was aimed at encouraging more heartfelt exchanges between couples, life-long partners, as well as those looking to be in a relationship.
cmhks v day campaign v2 The 11-day campaign started in early February with a teaser post on CMHK's Facebook Page, featuring a short video with moving sound waves in the background coupled with a few sentimental lines that offered a romantic ambience.

After that, CMHK released a post on Facebook on 7 February. By clicking the embedded link, participants would be redirected to the campaign mini-site where they could leave a voice memo filled with wholehearted messages or even words of confession to their beloved ones. Upon successful registration, participants could start recording their voice messages. Audiences with their messages approved would receive an SMS message with a URL, which allowed them to access their special eCards along with their voice messages. The participants could send the message to their beloved using the share button.

Participants were also granted an entry to a giveaway, where a total of five with the most touching audio messages could win a pair of “Encode Rings” with their sound waves engraved on them. CMHK believed that the rings were the perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion. cmhks v day campaign v3 To drive more traffic to the website, a series of short videos, with the theme of love, were also published on both Facebook and Instagram during the campaign period. Three video clips, with each of them covering very different love scenarios, centred on a single message: encouraging people to express their love more overtly. In addition to the CMHK Facebook and Instagram pages, the campaign had also been featured on several other local media pages, including U Lifestyle and HolidaySmart, contributing greatly to its increased exposure to the public.

cmhks v day campaign v4 Despite some inevitable changes due to the ongoing pandemic, the event concluded with flying colours, with a whopping over three million audiences attained on both platforms within just two weeks.

It was not easy to maintain good health and relationships, but displaying our affection more frequently for someone has become more important than ever. Please let the one you love and give them a hug, a kiss on the cheek, or utter a sincere "thank you" and "I love you" no matter whether you are single, in a relationship or married.

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