M Lhuillier not only bridges Filipino families by providing a fast and efficient remittance service, but now it also links them to affordable and quality entertainment by partnering with the newest streaming platform POPTV.

POPTV is a video-on-demand streaming platform and a Singapore-based company that offers a wide array of local content (blockbuster movies, indie films, classics) and Tagalized international content (KDramas, animes, BL series, Asian movies, plus many more). Its curated library has titles from biggest local producers ABS-CBN, Viva, Regal, and TBA Studios, and international studios JTBC, SBS, and CJ Entertainment of Korea; Nob Productions, GDH, and GMMTV of Thailand; and Medialink of Hong Kong.

POPTV subscriptions are now available in more than 2,600 M Lhuillier branches nationwide.

"The pandemic has caused everyone many worries and troubles, and our role as a payment center is to give them the value of convenience and ease. With more than 2,600 M Lhuillier branches nationwide, we strive to be closer to the Filipino people by being committed to bringing a fast, safe, and reliable service to them," said Michael Lhuillier, President and CEO of M Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc.

“We are excited to announce to our countrymen that POPTV is now available in all ML branches nationwide. Now you can relax and enjoy right at your homes. You don't have to go out to watch your favorite stars or movies. The whole family can bond for just P49 for 10 days, and P99 for 30 days,” said Jackeline Chua, COO of POPTV.

To download the streaming app, just search for POPTV PINAS on Google Play, Huawei App Gallery, and Apple App Store.

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