Manulife Hong Kong has launched a multichannel marketing campaign to highlight how to increase the chances of survival against critical illness, with the introductions of Manulife’s two new critical illness plans, ManuPrimo Care and ManuPrimo Care (BestStart). 

Devised by Manulife’s creative partner dentsu, the campaign kicked off on 1 August with a product launch event and the premiere of an action-packed, entertaining cinematic commercial featuring well-known Hong Kong actors Gordon Lam and Louise Wong as product ambassadors.

Highlighting the message of easing the financial burden of medical costs and early protection, it features a couple – Lam and Wong – who are special agents discussing the importance of upgrading their critical illness plans over dinner. The engaging online commercial creatively promotes the health benefits and financial support of the Plans to a wide target audience in Hong Kong. 

Anna Wong, chief growth officer of dentsu International Hong Kong, said:  "Our main story features a couple who play special agent s and through their dramatic exchange of conversations, the audience will understand critical illness comes in different forms and stages and each recovery journey is unique, but no matter what the challenge is, with smart and greater flexibility, one can survive them . Having the comprehensiveness and pay out flexibility that the new Manulife Critical illness product, ManuPrimo Care, provide s, customer s have a high er chance and wide r choice for a strong recovery."

The large-scale campaign is featured prominently in prime locations at Hong Kong and Causeway Bay MTR stations and outdoors on the Island Beverly shopping mall in Causeway Bay. Buses across the city as well as bus shelters have also been emblazoned with advertisements about the campaign. Furthermore, the campaign also includes an upcoming digital aspect to trigger social conversations and awareness among people in Hong Kong on the topic of how to better prepare for critical illness. 

manuprimo care citybus launch 2

The digital marketing campaign features a 90-second social video on YouTube and a 30-second video on the ViuTV app running in conjunction with the commercial. The social video focuses on the customer-centricity of the Plans, highlighting the flexible cancer payout options. There is also a 35-second TV commercial on ViuTV and OpenTV to showcase how the Plans support customers on their recovery journey from diagnosis to treatment. Continuing the theme from the commercial, the bite-size videos star Lam and Wong as special agents promoting the benefits of the Plans.  

manuprimo care hk station travellator 1

In a conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE , Kenneth Luk, head of marketing of Manulife Hong Kong and Macau said the new campaign will hopefully strike a chord with people in Hong Kong and drive positive change when it comes to adequately preparing for critical illnesses. “Our strategic approach for the campaign follows a staggered, comprehensive multichannel rollout.

Well-known actors Gordon Lam and Louise Wong are featured on high impact cinematic videos on TV and across social channels to ensure the campaign reaches a wider audience. Their participation as ambassadors of our new products helps the campaign put a positive spin on what is normally a gloomy topic,” Luk added.

“With the current health crisis and concerns, there is a heightened awareness to be prepared for all eventualities. Consumers are ready, and willing to pay for critical illness products that go beyond just financial protection, they have to offer options for better treatment and support through recovery. Therefore, our strategy of Give yourself the best chance of survival  is a relevant, positive actionable proposition,” said Anna  Wong, chief growth officer of dentsu International Hong Kong.

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Gordon Lam, actor , product ambassador for ManuPrimo Care, said: “No matter where you are in life, or your career, you should be able to choose critical illness p rotection plans which are smart and flexible enough to help fight all eventualities. Working on this campaign allowed us to share this vital message to a wide audience.”

“I have portrayed many roles in films and TV shows , b ut this was the first time I’ve ever played a special agent. In this role, it was crucial to show the audience that even special agents need to look after their health and prepare for the future. It was an exciting experience working on this interesting and unique project about such an important health topic,” said Louise Wong, actress, product ambassador for ManuPrimo Care .

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