Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp,  has partnered with non-government sexual violence victim support service RainLily to launch the Hong Kong version of The initiative was launched to further support victims of non-consensual Intimate Image (NCII) abuse.

The online platform, which was launched last year, is designed for victims of NCII to proactively stop the proliferation of their non-consensually shared images online.  According to RainLily, the number of cases that involve Image-Based Sexual Violence (IBSV) has increased for two consecutive years in Hong Kong, “When someone's intimate images are shared without their permission, the emotional distress and loss of control they experience can be devastating. Meta takes seriously the responsibility of maintaining a safe online environment for everyone,” according to the press release.

The addition of RainLily as a new local partner in Hong Kong and today’s launch of in Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) makes the service more accessible for Hong Kong users, and adds another layer of protection that Meta is already offering to people on their platforms. This is an on-going partnership and Meta will continue to combat the non-consensual sharing of intimate images (NCII) on the internet, according to the brand. was built after consultation with various global groups including victims, survivors, experts, advocates and other tech partners, aiming to provide citizens more control and privacy over their images.

The tool features hash-generating technology that assigns a unique hash value (a numerical code) to an image, creating a secure digital fingerprint. The original image never leaves the person’s device and is never shared with or participating tech platforms. Through, adults can proactively prevent their intimate images from being shared on participating tech platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

In terms of marketing strategies, Meta will leverage social media platforms including Facebook to increase awareness of the availability of Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong). 

Jessie Li, safety policy manager, APAC at Meta said, “ is the first global initiative of its kind to safely and securely help people who are concerned their intimate images may be shared without their consent. We hope the addition of RainLily as a new local partner and launch of in Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) will empower people in Hong Kong to proactively thwart the non-consensual sharing of their intimate images, giving victims more control and security over their images.”

Jacey Kan, representative of RainLily said, “We believe the local launch of will provide an option for victim-survivors experiencing image-based sexual violence to mitigate the anxiety that they experience and reduces the likelihood of non-consensual intimate images being spread on two popular social media platforms in Hong Kong.”

Back in December 2021, Meta supported UK Revenge Porn Helpline’s launch of, together with more than 50 non-governmental organisation partners around the world, including The Women’s Foundation. Local partners have been instrumental in helping ensure that the platform reflects different social and cultural nuances from around the world with regards to NCII. The addition of RainLily as a new local partner and today’s launch of in Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) makes the service more accessible for Hong Kong users, and adds another layer of protection that Meta is already offering to people on their platforms.

Earlier last week, Meta announced that it will roll out a series of new metaverse initiatives in Hong Kong, enabling HongKongers to better understand metaverse’s potential across industries.  According to a statement, Meta’s metaverse plan for Hong Kong includes virtual reality (VR) experiences and exhibitions at local cafés and public spaces.

The new plan reaffirms Meta’s commitment to bringing the metaverse to life, to help people to connect, find communities, and grow businesses through its platforms.  The announcement came after Zuckerberg’s big bet on the metaverse, a virtual world that enables citizens to socialise, trade and work in the future. Meta announced earlier this week that it will soon launch its virtual space Horizon Home to its headset product Quest 2.

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