A Google study showed that 57% of customers conduct research for relevant information before making purchases to build confidence, meaning that brands need to have their websites displayed on the first or second page in search results to achieve higher visibility. If not, they are losing sales opportunities to competitors from their target audience. 

In addition to the importance of searches, which can help drive sales conversion and reinforce brands, the pandemic and fast-moving technology development have revolutionised the way businesses and customers engage each other, and customer journeys have become more complicated with multiple touchpoints. 

Therefore, New iMedia’s search marketing capabilities can help customers overachieve in search. New iMedia is badged as Google Premier Partner in 2022 - only the top 3% agencies among all Google partners in Hong Kong are eligible to achieve this badge.  

Specialised in search marketing (SEM+SEO), New iMedia adopts data and AI automation to further optimise clients’ performance. The self-built database continually collects ad data from more than industries day by day, enabling New iMedia to analyse and retrieve actionable insights systematically by machine learning and hence adopt for automation and optimisation, such as “Auto KPI Alert” and “Negative Keyword Automation”.

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For round-the-clock performance monitoring and data transparency, New iMedia has built " iMedia Platform"’ that allows its clients and specialists to review ad results anytime and anywhere, including Google, Yahoo or Bing, Facebook and YouTube ads. With timely monitoring and insights reported by specialists, New iMedia can optimise campaigns rapidly. 

SEM X Creative X Date Strategy  

Here with some successful showcases from New iMedia to tell us the way to overachieve customer expectations with holistic strategy planning, The first showcase is about creativity and data in SEM. To promote the new membership programme for the leading beer brand  Blue Girl  in Hong Kong, New iMedia tailored a search campaign “Club BG Launch & Giveaway Campaign 2021” and received impressive results:


New iMedia designed a creative content strategy based on market trends and hottest search queries to drive the urgency of need and emotional bonding, so as to enhance cost-efficiency and customer engagement. New iMedia’s self-built keyword planner has played a great role in this matter, enlightening specialists and clients with trendy keyword suggestions  and their search volume and average cost-per-click estimation. To further uplift the campaign performance and understand fast-changing customer behaviors, New iMedia also tracked customer footprint from the website for data analysis and remarketing.   
“We really appreciate New iMedia’s responsive services and professional advice on SEM strategies. With the effective campaign, the number of the impression of our website and the number of new member registration on Club BG successfully increased,” said a representative of Blue Girl.

SEO to rank higher in search 

Although SEM is a powerful solution to drive website traffic, there are still specific ad policy issues that hamper creative and advertising plan. For example:

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To solve the above issues, New iMedia suggests applying SEO solutions to rank higher in organic search results. 

Another example is for fashion brand  Kapok . Founded in 2006, Kapok has grown from the first lifestyle select store in Hong Kong to an internationally renowned brand for its authentic yet approachable take on fashion and design. With a mission to discover and bring the “Future Classics” to the Asian market, Kapok’s eShop listed more than 215 brands and over 1,500 products. However, the sheer number is difficult for SEM, so New iMedia studied the business and found the most competitive SEO keywords from market insights, successfully driving website traffic and impression by 20% and 34% respectively. 

Kick off your digital campaign to uplift sale 

Not sure which are the best advertising channels for your business? Please contact New iMedia for a free consultation to find out the best channels.

New iMedia is an award-winning digital marketing agency established in Hong Kong. We have 14 years of experience in providing integrated digital marketing solutions, including search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), display Ad and social media and content marketing, as well as video marketing.

Our specialists recognised by more than 118 ad certificates can assist you with innovative creative and strategic ad planning in one go, let’s get started with your digital campaigns now! 

This article is sponsored by New iMedia .  

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