KEF is a pioneer of high fidelity audio and a leader in the industry. Consumers who are willing to invest in KEF products are interested in top quality high fidelity speakers, which makes in-person experience and store visits essential. However, previous COVID-19- related lockdown and various restrictions created a lot of challenges for the traditional consumer journey, not to mention the fierce competition in the industry. 

With an urgent need to survive under the ‘new normal’, KEF launched the “KEF at Home” campaign to satisfy consumer’s expectations, allowing them to enjoy a 30-day free home trial upon online purchase. The campaign not only led to a remarkable business success, but also attributed to KEF winning the Bronze Award for the Excellence in Performance esb电竞数据投注电脑版 2021. 

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The enormous success of the campaign was due to data-driven marketing efforts. KEF interpreted online consumer behaviour by cleverly leveraging different data management platforms and analytic tools. Hence, the company was capable of, identifying core and new potential audiences. With new insights of detailed audience targeting, KEF  successfully uncovered more specific target segments by product types, instead of only targeting generic interests such as “music lovers” and “audiophiles”.

To understand consumers’ offline behaviour, KEF leveraged utilised third party data. Location footprints allowed KEF to retarget people who had visited the retailer stores and the KEF Music Gallery and capture potential customers with high intent who were already in the lower funnel of the customer journey. More importantly, noticing that purchase decisions were heavily influenced by family members, KEF applied household extension to show ads and track family member ad interaction, ensuring these stakeholders could be communicated and attributed during the decision journey.  kef photo 3

KEF identified high value intenders by using data. The company also targeted this segment by inviting them to free product trials. KEF guided them through the ordering process of KEF Hi-Fi speakers online, reconnecting the discontinued journey and developing a sustainable eCommerce business under the new normal.

With the power of a data-driven marketing strategy, purchasing high-value products online is no longer impossible. Far from being complacent with the success of one campaign, KEF is excited about developing even more new ideas, striving to take the eCommerce business to the next level. 

This article is contributed by KEF. 

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