Local production company Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) is parting ways with Darryl Ian Koshy, also known as Dee Kosh, from all engagement with the brand. In a statement posted on its Facebook post, NOC said Koshy (pictured most left) has no outstanding or ongoing projects with the company, and all collaborations have been put on hold indefinitely. It added that the company has received a request by Koshy's management to release him from all professional services with the company.

NOC also clarified that Koshy is not a business partner with the company. He was a third-party content collaborator who was previously engaged on a freelance basis for one of its programmes "Food King". Additionally, NOC conducted a company-wide investigation, and confirmed that Koshy did not make any sexual advances towards any of its staff. "If Dee Kosh has indeed committed such acts in his personal life, these were not reflected in his work with us," the statement said.

Although NOC did not explicitly make a stance on the issue, it urged the public to give the involved parties "some space and respect". "Our thoughts and hearts are with all who have been hurt by these incidents," the company added.

Meanwhile, women's rights group AWARE has also distanced itself from the YouTube influencer. In a statement posted on its Facebook and Instagram pages, AWARE said that it was invited on Koshy's podcast "The Tea with Dee" a few weeks back to speak about sexual violence. In the episode, AWARE's executive director Corinna Lim discussed the issue with two rape survivors, giving them emotional support and counsel.

AWARE said it understands if other rape survivors or Koshy's audience for that episode felt betrayed in light of Koshy's recent sexual allegations. "Koshy was part of the discussion, expressing sympathy for the survivors and horror at the acts of violence they had experienced. Reflecting on that now, it’s hard not to feel some level of hypocrisy, or even a sense of exploitation— that this allegiance with survivors was meant to signal to Koshy’s audience some sort of progressive understanding that wasn’t actually there," AWARE said. It added that it hopes the current circumstances does not override the value of what was said in the podcast.

Commenting on Koshy's sexual allegations, AWARE said it is "categorically wrong" to engage a minor in sexual conversation. It added that there is no situation in which quid pro quo sexual harassment could be acceptable. The group commended all the individuals who spoke up about their experiences. "It is not easy to call out a powerful public figure and stand your ground in the face of gaslighting and threats of litigation," AWARE said.

NOC and AWARE's statements come after days after brands distanced themselves from Koshy, following allegations that he was involved in sexual harassment and grooming. Following  radio station  POWER98's move to distance themselves from Koshy who also hosts its "Up All Night" segment, brand such as KFC Singapore, PVP Esports, and Subway Singapore also told esb电竞数据投注电脑版  they do not have any ongoing collaboration with the influencer. While KFC and PVP Esports said Koshy's promotional ads on his Instagram account was on an ad-hoc basis, Subway said it has never had a paid partnership with Koshy.

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