Ninja Van and Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) have launched an #SGPAYSITFORWARD initiative to encourage Singaporeans to support the vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Conceptualised and executed in a week, the initiative was the brainchild of Ninja Van CEO Lai Chang Wen, and NOC CEO Chan Sylvia.

The #SGPAYSITFORWARD is also supported by local media companies such as GOODSTUPH and SGAG, as well as a list of Singapore-headquartered companies Carousell, Kinohimitsu, Love Bonito, and ShopBack. Approximately 100,000 care packs have been assembled, and encourages Singaporeans to purchase a pay-it-forward care pack for SG$25. The care pack will then be donated to one of the rightful recipients identified by Young NTUC, SG Youth Action Plan panel members, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and National Youth Council. These recipients include migrant workers, low income families, senior citizens, and people with special needs.

According to both Ninja Van and NOC, all proceeds are in support of funding the provision, fulfilment, and islandwide delivery of these care packs. Cloversoft, Guardian, NTUC FairPrice, Radha Exports, Lazada, Supersteam, and Unilever have contributed the care pack items, while packaging and delivering services are provided by Ninja Van, and all media companies involved will be doing content creation and distribution for free. The initiative will run until the 100,000 care packs are sold out. 

Ninja Van's Lai said when strict social distancing measures are implemented to combat COVID-19 in some markets, the company reached out to the respective authorities to see how it can leverage Ninja Van’s outreach capabilities and logistics network to better support the local communities. And as a Singaporean company, he added that Ninja Van looks to utilise its resources to do its part for the country. 

Meanwhile, NOC's Chan said her team was already working with Guardian to put together a care pack, and with Ninja Van in the picture, NOC was able to expand the idea and maximise the impact. "Our initial target was only 5,000 care packs. But with #SGPAYSITFORWARD, we’ve effectively amplified our dream project’s reach by 20 times!” she added. 

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