Sadhan Mishra has been appointed the CEO of OMD Singapore. Mishra (pictured) has been with OMD for over 12 years and was last managing director of the Singapore office. With his promotion, Mishra will have an added focus on client and partner engagements.

Under Mishra’s guidance, the team at OMD Singapore has bagged many notable clients such as Singtel, Income, foodpanda, GXS, Carro, and NCS. Mishra added that on the local front, he will be partnering with newly-appointed OMG CEO Chloe Neo , Jourdan Tan (Head of Digital Capabilities and Transformation, OMG Singapore) and Daler Kendzhaev (Head of Annalect, Malaysia & Singapore) to grow the OMD business.

Regionally, he will be working with Charlotte Lee CEO of OMD APAC together with Paul Shepherd (Chief Investment Officer & President of Annalect, OMG APAC) and Bharat Khatri (Chief Digital Officer, OMG APAC) who are leading OMD’s regional performance and data team.

Confirming the appointment, Neo said, “Mishra has been a steadfast and high-performance leader who has grown from strength-to-strength with OMD in the last 12 years. We have always been impressed with his empathetic leadership style that keeps our people engaged as well as his client-centric mindset that consistently exceeds business and client expectations. We are excited to see Mishra’s contribution in building positive growth momentum and accelerating OMD’s ambition to inspire greater purpose and fearless creativity for our clients and the industry.”

In an interview with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, when asked his plans for the agency, Mishra said, “Presently, everything is in place for OMD Singapore - our business is doing well, our leadership team is in sync, and we have a team that never stops believing that we can do better.” He added that moving forward the agency hopes to build on this steady momentum to elevate itself beyond good and “be more sustainable, more edgy, more creative”.

“In the process, we believe in building a solid bench strength of future leaders. That’s exactly what we have embarked on,” he added.

Building on talent

On a personal front, Mishra added that a key pivot for him would be to now bring in the talented and motivated groups of people at OMD Singapore into a leadership collective to do more, better and faster.

“Doubling down on supporting and empowering our people might come at a higher financial cost, but it’s rewarding when you have passionate people getting the results for you. We all know this intrinsically - our people are our driving force, and we always use the people lens to filter and curate our decision-making,” he added. Moreover, he added that the team has also strengthened it strategy and performance units which have led to better quality of output, created prototypes of advanced data capabilities.

Working on an evolving structure, Mishra added that each of OMD Singapore’s account and specialist leads now owns a specific project workstream focused on two primary areas - inspiring fearless creativity and being more rewarding for our people. “We are still refining the initiatives and hopefully we’ll get to share them soon,” he said.

Industry evolution

Mishra also added that the media industry as a whole needs to now reclaim strategy and creativity as its core. This has to be done using technology in the service of creativity, rather than a crutch for obfuscation and short-term revenue, he said, adding “That’s the lasting value we can drive as an industry and continue to be attractive to quality talent who have more options than before.”

With the pace of change only accelerating – everything from new ways of audience addressability, measurement, the metaverse and application of blockchain – Mishra added that media agencies also need to be “interoperable with tech start-ups as well as companies with very specialised offerings”.

“For that to happen, agencies need to be confident in their ability to be creative orchestrators, enabled by leadership who are willing to also place bets on with an eye on the longer term future instead of largely hedging for quarterly numbers,” he added.

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