OPPO has come on board as a sponsor for the  League of Legends World Championship 2021. This partnership was part of the company’s multi-year deal signed with Riot Games in 2019, which will help OPPO further enhance its brand awareness among global esports players.

As the partnership continues this year, OPPO's VP and president of global marketing, William Liu, said League of Legends provides the company with a platform that allows more gamers around the world to get to know the brand better. More importantly, the unyielding spirit of the pro players is akin to OPPO’s relentless strive for innovation when it comes to products and technology. The company is constantly focused on delivering nothing short of excellence and creating unique experiences for its users, Liu added. 

This year's finals is themed "Make/Break", which represents the courage and spirit to break the impossible and create new possibilities. OPPO will be presenting the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award to pro players who dominate the battlegrounds with outstanding performance in the finals. OPPO will also be bringing gaming highlights, as well as interviews of the pro players and the teams, to bring the inside scoop of the final game to the audience. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to OPPO for additional information.

"As the first global smartphone partner for the game, OPPO has become one of the most impressive tech brands among global esports players," said global head of Esports at Riot Games, John Needham. Needham has also added that he would be looking forward to what OPPO could bring to the audience in the finals. 

Earlier last month, Riot Games celebrated its 10th anniversary in China with the launch of a new campaign. Created by WPP global brand agency Superunion, the work taps into the League of Legends players’ secret language and evokes memories for League of Legends players from the past 10 years of gameplay.

The campaign changed the word anniversary to “Annie-versary” as a nod to the iconic League of Legends character, Annie. The character has become of increasing importance to League of Legends players as a valuable and iconic champion. Leveraging memes, secret words and insider jokes, gamers were able to piece them together to follow a protagonist’s 10-year gaming journey with League of Legends , sharing the wild ride with the gaming community.

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