Leveraging impactful OOH ads is one of the ways to attract the attention of passers-by. At Causeway Bay, Oral-B has launched a 3D OOH, offering audiences a futuristic 3D experience to promote its latest toothbrush, the Oral-B iO.

Located on the exterior of SOGO, the TV wall features a 15-second video to showcase splashing water while the toothbrush ‘flies out’ from the screen.

“We keep looking for a wow effect to maximise the impact of our most advanced toothbrush. SOGO TV is never a typical ad channel for oral care products but we want to take one step further to create content in a customised format for such a disruptive product launch,” commented Kiko Wong, senior brand manager of P&G Oral Care.

The ad will run until 24 December. Audiences can use their mobile phones to open an AR filter to take pictures and upload the image onto Oral-B’s Facebook page to win a prize.

Apart from the 3D OOH ad, Oral-B has also collaborated with celebrities Louis Cheung and Eric Kwok, who shared their video on Instagram. In the video, they received a package showcasing Oral-B’s brand and product series delivered by a drone.


Agency: frengers communications 
Creative: Jason Yu, Ray Nam, Sa Tang
Account servicing: Elvin Lam, Josie Wong, Rita Yeung
Strategic planning: Augustin Chan
Production: Puppet Studios Ltd

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