Procter & Gamble (P&G) launched a new #RealDeal campaign with eCommerce platform Lazada to raise awareness around imposter syndrome. According to P&G, imposter syndrome is the “feeling of inadequacy despite one’s capabilities”.  The company quoted a study that saw 50% of women experiencing imposter syndrome on a daily or regular basis, attesting to the fact that women often doubt their own abilities through feelings of fraud and belittlement of their own experiences and expertise.

P&G said that despite the prevalence of imposter syndrome, it is less talked about in Asia. Therefore, the campaign aims to shed light on this through a short film that tells of the real life story of Singaporean entrepreneur Yeo Wan Qing, founder of social enterprise Hatch, who overcame imposter syndrome by being open to those around her about the struggles she was facing.  

Beyond the film, the campaign will also come to life on Lazada across five Southeast Asian markets including Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. The brand added that it will provide a wide range of exclusive offers on P&G products such as Olay, Pantene and Oral-B to celebrate female shoppers . MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out for more information.

Alexandra Vogler, P&G eCommerce senior director, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa added that through this campaign, the brand wants to bring to light the inner struggles that go unnoticed among women experiencing imposter syndrome. “Through this short film, we hope to inspire people to start conversations about imposter syndrome, and support one another in overcoming it,” said Vogler.

Recently, Lazada strengthened its team with leadership shuffles, including appointing its former senior vice president of organisational culture, Claire Tan, as its new senior vice president of group communications last week. It also made a slew of new adland hires to its regional creative team  to be the brand custodian of Lazada and its IPs and assets earlier this month.

Meanwhile, P&G reported an increase in eCommerce sales of almost 50% earlier in April and implemented a price hike, citing improving on its packaging as one of the initiatives to scale its offerings to best serve eCommerce and digital commerce consumers. It also implemented price increases on its baby care, feminine care and adult incontinence product categories in the US to offset a portion of the impact of rising commodity costs. 

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