P os Malaysia released its first NFT stamps for collectors, in conjunction with the month-long National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations.  Produced through a collaboration between Pos Malaysia and local retail brand APOM, each stamp folder contains one physical stamp sheet of 14 stamps. Each one is designed by an artist representing each state in Malaysia, showcasing the uniqueness, culture and pride of the states.

The complete set also comes with three envelopes, three postcards, a specially designed folder and a user guide for redeeming the free NFT stamp - a limited number of 3,000 folder sets will be available for purchase, each set allowing collectors up till 31 October 2022 to redeem one out of the 14 NFT stamp designs.

According to Pos, a limited edition NFT stamp is redeemable complimentary with every purchase of the #Empatbelas Setem Ku special edition stamp folder set, which is available for sale at post offices or online.  T he stamp sets are also currently available for online and retail purchase at Kuala Lumpur General Post Office’s Stamp & Philatelic counter. Purchase at other selected post offices will be available starting 12 September 2022.

Charles Brewer, Pos Malaysia group CEO, explained that p enetrating the NFT market is a milestone for Pos Malaysia, as it complements the company;'s traditional postal offerings with various digitised services and products, enhancing efficiency and improving the way it connects with customers in the rapidly evolving and digitally advanced world.

"While Pos Malaysia has been around as a postal service operator for over 200 years, our aspiration is to remain relevant with times and be future-ready to exist another 200 years,” he added.

Meanwhile, APOM's co-founder Chantelle Teoh, said #Empatbelas is Apom’s yearly Merdeka-Malaysia Day collaboration project to celebrate the 14 states of Malaysia. "This year with the support from Pos Malaysia, the 14 selected artists got a chance to re-imagine their state pride on NFT stamps that transcends globally beyond the philatelic community, as well as on the humble physical stamp that has connected Malaysians throughout the years. This is a great opportunity for the local talents to showcase their work,” she said.

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