Almost all physical events and exhibitions have been cancelled and postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong in recent months. To engage customers, many organisers have decided to host online events and exhibitions. will roll out its first online expo offering a cornucopia of gadgets, computers, and related products on its site, while inviting a number of influencers to star in the promotional video.

Commencing on 10 August, the 11-day Price Computer Online Expo features more than 500 types of products. On the first five days, will feature five influencers, such as Ray Ma @ Flashing Droid, ValorGears. TechiCardia. maviskuku (雞蛋妹), and Edwin H, to introduce selected deals.

"It is our first time this year to urgently work with related merchants for this expo hoping to fullfil the market demand from both consumers and merchants. We hope to grasp different market trends and organise more online expos in the future," said Wilson Wong, associate marketing director of

The launch of this expo is a response in the cancellation of the Hong Kong Computer and Communication Festival 2020 organised by The Chamber of Hong Kong Computer Industry. As this year's festival was cancelled due to the current the ongoing pandemic, hopes to meet the rising demand for online shopping of gadgets, computers, and related products. 

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