Want to get paid to work in a video game? Pringles is offering consumers the chance to do so as part of its "Stay In The Game" campaign done in collaboration with Grey London. Pringles is seeking someone to be transformed into its vending machine refilling non-playable character (NPC) in Train Sim World 2 , which is available with Xbox Game Pass. Another good news? It's awarding US$24k in cold hard cash to the selected individual.

"You are now one step closer to making gaming history as the first real human to get paid to work as a non-playable character (NPC). Real money and not a real job, obviously," the brand said on the microsite. Pringles offered more details on social media, stating that a shortlist will be randomly selected on 11 July and the successful winner will be contacted by 29 August. The campaign runs in the UK, France, and Denmark.

To participate, consumers need to post a selfie or a video with a comment explaining why they should be Pringles' NPC and tag #PringlesStayInTheGame. The brand also released a series of promotional videos depicting NPCs in a video game, tickling consumers with dry humour.

Pringles previously worked with Grey London earlier this year for its new slogan "Mind Popping" , moving away from the iconic "Once You Pop, You Can't Stop" slogan which was first unveiled in 1996. It also released a spot about the theory of evolution, amusing consumers by sharing that the universe formed into the shape of a Pringles chip and that humans evolved for one reason only - Pringles.

Christopher Lapham and Aaron McGurk, global group creative directors at Grey, previously said that when they researched Pringles, the team started to discover stories and facts that blew their minds. "The fact that a famous sci-fi author invented their baking machine, that the universe is shaped like a Pringles chip and that the chip perfectly fits the tongue, all led us to the thought of ‘Mind Popping’ and how, what looks like a simple potato chip, is in fact so much more," they said then.

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