Samsung has taken an emotional approach to showcase its latest Samsung Galaxy Buds2 and Watch4 rather than the usual product-focused ads. Working with Cheil Singapore, the team brought in individuals to test the Galaxy Buds2 and Watch4 Classic and recorded their heart rates as they listened to various genres of music. After three to four pieces of music, Samsung had the individuals listen to a voice-recorded message from someone near and dear to them, who has wanted to say something personal for the longest time. 

The individuals featured were a drag queen who expressed appreciation for his tudung-wearing but totally supportive mother; an absentee father who spent years in jail whose daughter inspired him to turn a new leaf; a best friend who acknowledges the loyalty and support of her BFF; and a man who pays tribute to his fiancée’s courage in battling depression while taking care of her ailing mother. 

Anand Vathiyar, MD of Cheil Singapore, told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that the marketing of both products tends to land on the familiar push of clarity or noise cancellation for earpieces and "your health on your wrist" for timepieces. Hence, not ownable.

"We decided to challenge the creatives to create a situation where both the Galaxy Buds2 and Watch4 Classic would be in use where the selling points don’t follow the usual category pitch. The idea came from a behaviour insight more than a consumer insight and that was – we would never expect someone near and dear to us to be in our ears, in our heads telling us something we may have longed to hear and how our hearts could literally skip a beat when that happens," he explained.

According to Vathiyar, the clients loved the idea at the first presentation and it is a credit to them and the creative team to have seen it through to the heartfelt finish. The spot will run on digital, social, and TV. The team is also exploring other ways to amplify the campaign, possibly radio. 

When asked what makes Samsung's latest ad different given that brands are putting an emotional twist to their campaign videos these days, Vathiyar said while many brands tug on emotional heartstrings from time to time, the proof is often in the strategic, creative, and human relevance.

"In this instance, this is a never-done-before for this category of products with human stories that have clearly connected with Singaporeans. The genuine tears of the individuals listening to the messages under the guise of product testing was incredibly moving. That can’t be staged. Unlike the emotional twist in a scripted commercial," he added.

Samsung Electronics Singapore's VP (Internet and mobile), Sarah Chua, said: "Every smartwatch brand highlights the health features in a functional, expected manner. We wanted to stand out from the sea of sameness by taking an emotional approach. And if you really think about it, matters of the heart (which can indeed be stressful) can take a toll on our heart health.”

“Every one of us has stuff in our hearts that we wish we can unload. And asking people to ‘Listen to their Hearts’ worked on both a functional and emotional level. It is well documented that stress has a huge impact on our heart health. Measuring the listeners’ heart rate before, during and after the session demonstrated the feature in a never-before manner.” Mahesan M, Cheil Singapore's ECD, added.

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