SDMC has proved itself to be a recognised force as it took home the bronze award at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE’s Agency of the Year A wards under the search agency category. SDMC is a full-scope digital marketing company which has earned itself a healthy reputation for being able to dissect s earch e ngine information and user behaviour through the insight of “ b ig d ata” from the digital market. 

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The company, which was founded by three p ost 90s in 2016 , prides itself on being passionate about digital marketing. With over 50 staff members, SDMC is a result driven, all-rounded digital marketing services firm which offers insight and execution into SEO, SEM, online ads, and micro influencer marketing.

Over the past year, amidst the pandemic, the agency undoubtedly saw many businesses in Hong Kong being impacted due to social distancing measures. During this period, many consumers chose to make their purchases online leading to a decrease in brick - and - mortar sales.

This led to many companies wanting to go digital without the ability and capabilities to do so. This problem was particularly prominent in the SME arena. 

Seeing th e challenges ahead , SDMC decided to help corporates improve their brand exposure and generate leads. As many companies had limited budgets, SDMC decided to tailor - make digital marketing solutions for them to counter the lack of experience in digital marketing and limiting manpower of in-house digital marketing teams.  At the end of the day, the agency wanted to position itself as a comrade to help corporates stand out from the crowd

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One successful execution that the agency managed was for the Financial Services Development Council, where it helped promote a job-creation scheme dedicated to the financial industry. The team held a webinar and created an animated video to introduce this scheme, advertising on Google Display Network, YouTube and LinkedIn. The event successfully targeted employers and senior management from financial industry, with a total of 300 participants signed up for the webinar, achieving the objectives of this project. 

While many companies thought that digital marketing was just as sim ple as creating a website, SDMC knew that true digital marketing required a holistic shift and offered solutions that led to improved traffic and increased brand exposure. Looking forward, the agency said that seeing its clients grow and embrace digital marketing has truly motivated it to do better. While no doubt the pandemic and its impacts will surely ease over time, and offline marketing will make a big return, what the agency hopes is to integrate offline and online marketing to help its clients grow.

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