Singaporean singer-songwriter Iman Fandi is launching two music NFTs, titled "In Repose" and "Florescence". This is done in collaboration with visual artist Kristal Melson, Universal Music Singapore (UMG) and entertainment NFT platform Curio.

Released in commemoration of World Self Care Day, these works are the first two of three NFTs in a collection that will unfold this year as a collaborative series. This will be Iman’s first foray into the NFT space as she aims to hold uplifting reminders and bring a new perspective to the meaning behind her music. Iman also hopes her journey of self-exploration, care and mental health advocacy can find its voice through a new visual art form. 

For "In Repose" (pictured above left), it comprises an audio loop of her debut single Timeframe , while "Florescence" (pictured above right) draws from her single Love Me Little More . Both works are set to unique animated artworks by Melson, whose previous projects include Love Bonito’s “Tiger Bloom” NFT and the artwork for the first Apple Store opening in Singapore. 

Iman said that when she spoke on a call with Melson about the NFTs, she instantly found that their values aligned, and gained a new appreciation for her work in the process. Melson added that she naturally gravitated towards Iman’s mission to connect with listeners with purpose, texture, and heart.

Before this, UMG previously announced a partnership with Curio on 17 February and according to UMG, it became the first major music company to collaborate with Curio. Since then, UMG said the partnership has allowed it to leverage Curio’s technology, exclusive partnerships and innovative fan engagement networks. This has developed an opportunity for UMG to create and launch NFT projects, including this latest NFT collection inspired by their beloved artist, Iman Fandi. 

To amplify her message, Iman has teamed up with SYNC, the mental health arm of Impart. Together, they have produced content for July 24th, International Self-Care Day, which the artist also wished to highlight with the introduction of the NFT. Iman's curated content intends to promote and spark discussions on mental health among her Singaporean audience.

Bringing discussions of mental health into local NFT communities, Iman went live with fellow artist and NFT collector Jaye Funk to talk about the basics of NFTs for those who are interested in purchasing or producing their first collection. The Instagram Live was held on Friday, 22 July, and it served to contextualise and precede the release of Iman's collection on Curio. The artist will discuss her excursion into the area in further detail with Curio on a Discord session at the end of the month.

Along with offering personalised, one-on-one experiences for "Florescence," Iman has teamed up with The Art Nooq to provide art jamming, macaron painting, and tote bag printing. When asked by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE on what they hoped to achieve through this project, UMG said that it viewed this as an opportunity to create a community of like-minded viewers, listeners, and aesthetics in the NFT area.

“There are many ways to express emotions, feelings, or stories, and it’s amazing to be able to tell a story in just seconds through this digital medium,” Iman said. “A significant part of my goal is to raise the conversation of well-being and finding oneself through the message behind this artwork. I also hope this is something that people can keep as a little gift in support of my songs," she added.

“At Curio, we’re fans first, and we’re excited to be working with Iman to develop an NFT project that authentically engages and speaks to her fanbase,” said Ben Arnon, co-founder and co-CEO of Curio. 

Aged 22, Iman aims to express her stories through a next-generation visual art medium and establish her music as one that’s multi-disciplinary. She has been featured on the likes of Harper’s BAZAAR , Female Magazine , and ELLE Singapore . She has worked with brands including Louis Vuitton, adidas, Coach, DBS, and Estée Lauder. 

Iman isn't the first Singaporean singer to launch her own NFTs. In April, rapper ShiGGa Shay launched his own NFT collection "SPACEBARS" which was apparently sold out within four minutes of its launch on The NFT collection debuted on the crypto site on 13 April.

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