Singtel is looking to cater to the lifestyles of digital natives and Millennials through an all-digital mobile product and a new partnership with Amazon Prime, where new and re-contracting mobile and broadband customers will be entitled to a 12-month membership.

With this offer, Singtel customers will be able to receive Prime’s shopping and entertainment benefits, including Prime Now, access to Prime Video and Twitch Prime. The new GOMO (Get Out More Often) plan aims to provide a new level of convenience with a slew of offerings. These include digital mobile sign-up, same day SIM card delivery, a Care app and 24/7 live chat for customer service enquires, as well as data allowances and lifestyle benefits. The no-contract plan works on a 30-day payment cycle, while allowing customers to link their debit or credit card for monthly payments and purchases.

Customers on GOMO Mobile will receive lifestyle rewards are said to be expanded to include ride-hailing, entertainment events and activities, and travel-related promotions. Responding to media queries, Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO of consumer division at Singtel said that the launch of this mobile product was based on customers preferring a "fuss-free" and fully digital experience. The 24/7 live chat will be managed by live agents in the support team as the telco aims to enable more avenues for consumers to reach out.

In addition, Moon said that while this broadens the range of customer interaction,
Singtel also looks to improve its customer service answer rate to a 100%.

“GOMO is our call to customers to Get Out More Often whenever and wherever they want, be it through using data on-the-go or enjoying exclusive perks as they eat, play and travel,” he added.

"It’s all about giving our customers value, convenience, freedom, simplicity in usage and a truly digital experience. We look forward to introducing even more exciting features and enhancements to the GOMO family," Moon said.

Moon said that Singtel has noted an increase in the hours of content consumption by its customers. The telco aims to go beyond connectivity by creating new value propositions. He said that customers will be able to sample the benefits of Amazon Prime during the membership period and be allowed the option to renew contract.

Moon added that the telco is focusing on providing its customers mobile and broadband connectivity to "power" their digital lifestyles, whether it’s watching movies, playing games or shopping for groceries online. "We are delighted to offer Amazon Prime for customers to stream, play and shop right at their fingertips, and we look forward to introducing more complementary services to enhance their digital experiences,” he said.

“We love that Singtel’s customers will enjoy more convenience and more fun every day with a year of Amazon Prime. We think customers in Singapore will love Prime’s many shopping and entertainment benefits, including ultra-fast delivery on tens of thousands of items with Prime Now, unlimited streaming of binge-worthy TV shows, movies and award-winning Prime Original series, free benefits for gamers and more," Jamil Ghani, vice president, Prime & marketing international, Amazon said.
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