Snapchat users in Malaysia like to shop when there are sales or deals available and according to a survey by the platform's parent company Snap, Malaysians form 31% of users with such a habit. The holiday shopping experience is also a social one for Malaysian Snapchatters, with 36% having friends rely on them for input on what to buy or use.

Meanwhile, there is also a strong global interest in supporting smaller or local brands over larger, national brands, particularly among those in Malaysia, India, Australia, Norway and the US. That said, the large retailers that are trending well among Snapchatters globally include Nike, Amazon, adidas, and Zara.

Additionally, majority of Malaysian Snapchat users (72%) prefer to make purchases online compared to buying from physical stores. Buying online is also preferred by users in the UK (71%) and the Netherlands (69%). When it comes to the platform used to make purchases, Snapchatters globally are making more purchases on their phones. Majority of those in the UK (52%) are using their phones, followed by those in Indonesia (50%), Netherlands (48%), and Malaysia (42%).

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Meanwhile, contactless pick-up and delivery also appealed to those in Malaysia (35%), Netherlands (44%) and the UK (37%). Snap’s survey covered more than 6,900 respondents across 17 countries, including Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Germany and the UK.

Separately, Snap has been building its presence in the fashion space through partnerships with Levi's , the Jordan Brand , and Ralph Lauren. The collaborations enable Snapchat users to spice up their Bitmoji avatars with fashion collections from the brands. It current works with Archetype for PR duties in Singapore and Malaysia. 

Recently in Malaysia, Celcom Xpax partnered with Snap and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) as part of its celebrations to provide Malaysian youth with greater access to the digital world and embrace fun digital lifestyles. One key area of consideration for the campaign, said the company, was the world of augmented reality. Snap is a leader in AR with over 170 million Snapchatters engaging with AR on the platform nearly 30 times every day. To showcase the importance of social distancing and wearing face masks in public, Celcom Xpax customers will be able to play around with specially created Snapchat filters and AR Lens that will be made available soon, for the upcoming Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations.

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