St. Regis Kuala Lumpur is dazzling up its mooncakes by tying up with crystal brand Swarovski for a crystal-studded trunk ahead of this year's Mid-Autumn Festival. While the brand declined to reveal the monetary value of the partnership, its spokesperson explained that diamonds have always played a significant role in the brand, as they are featured in the motifs and style of every St. Regis Hotels and Resorts globally. According to the spokesperson, this is a nod to Caroline Astor's love for diamonds and her jewellery collection. Caroline Astor is the mother of St. Regis founder John Jacob Astor IV.

The partnership first came about in 2019, where both parties brought to life a super mooncake trunk. According to St Regis., such a trunk was the "first-of-its-kind" in Southeast Asia, embellished with 307 golden shadow crystals. This year, its limited-edition Swarovski super mooncake trunk is designed with a unique diamond pattern that represents the brand's richness and luxury, embellished with 307 silk and silk shimmer Swarovski crystals.

inpired by john jacob astor ivs stationery trunk 2

The brand has promoted the mooncake trunks via PR initiatives, EDMs as well as a dedicated newsletter to its residents at The St. Regis Residences. GM Renato De Oliveira explained that social media also plays an important role in ensuring all its products and experiences are well communicated and well promoted.

"We have a dedicated and talented marketing team to ensure our social media content reflects the love, effort and passion behind each of the items we have available for our guests. Each promotion has a storytelling component, finely and meticulously carried out by our team to elevate our guest experiences," De Oliveira added.

When asked about the expected business ROI from the super mooncake trunk, De Oliveira said the best business ROI it can receive from the partnership is to be able to offer an exquisite and exclusive trunk to its customers. "By providing such bespoke products and experiences, ROI comes naturally," he said.

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