Rendang lovers, it is time to stand tall and proud for your Rendang Nation Anthem! Instead of a usual product launch on social media, the team at Subway Malaysia went a step further to introduce its new Rendang Sub via a special anthem to "ignite the patriotic spirit" of Malaysians. The brand recently unveiled the anthem in a Facebook post and featuring celebrities Zee Avi, NYK, Shak, and Haneri. It is also handing out a special gift to 500 fans who share how Rendang can unite Malaysians. The contest runs until 24 August. VaynerMedia Asia Pacific and PHD were involved in the campaign.

Hang Ee Laine, Subway's head of marketing for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau, told A+M that the Subway Rendang Sub is the first local flavour created that is extremely close to the hearts of Malaysians. "As we know, food, and rendang in particular, with its irresistibly rich and aromatic flavour, resonates greatly with the locals," she added.

"The Rendang Nation campaign serves to ignite the patriotic spirit with a flavour that binds Malaysians culturally, and what is more patriotic than an anthem dedicated just for it?" Hang said. She hopes for all Malaysians to share Subway's love for the Rendang Sub, which will also be made available in Singapore soon.

Meanwhile, VaynerMedia Asia Pacific's head of creative and managing partner, VJ Anand, said food is such a huge part of the culture in Asia and has the ability to both divide and unite consumers. With the Rendang Sub limited-time-offer launch, the team wanted to play up the message of unity and having communities come together over a beloved Asian flavour - hence the Rendang Nation.

"With that idea came our original Rendang Nation anthem for Subway, and we worked with amazing artists - Zee Avi, NYK, Shak and Haneri - from both Malaysia and Singapore to make this happen," he said.

Last month, it jumped on the BTS hype with a punny Facebook post to launch its new Veggie Tambah Sub. Using the iconic introduction of one of BTS' members Kim Taehyung, also known as V, it added: "My name's VTS. I am good sub." V previously said a similar line in an interview with talk show host Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show". "Hi guys, My name's V. I am good boy," the K-pop artist said.

The brand also pulled consumers' legs by creating the Super Fresh Daily Face Wash as an April Fool's Day gimmick earlier this year, featuring seven ingredients such as tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber, green pepper, cheese, and sweet corn. The creative concept leveraged on its "Eat Fresh" slogan and the brand said in a Facebook post that consumers can now pick and choose their daily favourites to refresh their skin every day. That same month, it named PHD to handle media planning and buying duties for Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

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