Subway Singapore has curated a "The Spicy, Saucy" Spotify playlist to hype up its new Spicy Buffalo Chicken sub. The playlist features 11 songs with relevant titles by various artists including "One" by Lewis Capaldi, "Bite" by Troye Sivan. "Will" by True and "Spice up your life" by the Spice Girls. Done in collaboration with VaynerMedia Asia Pacific and MediaCom, the playlist is 38 minutes long. 

Subway Singapore's spokesperson told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE confirmed that the playlist was created in celebration of the new sub and that it is always looking for new ideas to engage with its customers, and connect with them in a fresh way. Meanwhile, Subway also announced the playlist on Facebook, garnering 22 likes and one comment at the time of writing. 

Many other brands have hopped onto the trend of curating their own playlists in recent times. In February this year, LEGO Group launched a playlist titled "LEGO White Noise" across over 15 different music streaming platforms including Spotify. The playlist comprises a series of audio tracks created using only the sounds that LEGO bricks make. Prior to that, NTUC FairPrice Finest, a subsidiary of NTUC FairPrice, also unveiled three Spotify playlists in its campaign then . The playlists revolved around the three themes of the campaign:  Sombremesa , which means to linger around the table with meaningful conversations long after the meal is over;  Lagom , which refers to the art of well-balanced living; and  Natsukashii , which is the nostalgia that brings people suddenly, joyously back to fond memories.

Other brands that have hopped onto Spotify's platform include Burger King Singapore and KFC. Burger King curated a cheesy playlist on Spotify  last May to promote the launch of its BBQ Cheesy Trio burger then. The songs put together by the Burger King team were meant to be “cheesy” and expressions of sweet moments shared between one another. KFC unveiled its “Bucket Bangers” Spotify playlist in May of 2019, comprising hip-hop songs that have referenced the brand. Some of the hip-hop songs listed on the playlist then were from artists Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Madonna, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, among others. The list totals to 46 songs, ranging from American artists as well as stars from France, Germany and Russia.

Aside from curating a Spotify playlist, Subway also placed its trendjacking skills to good use in Malaysia by jumping on the BTS hype  with a punny Facebook post announcing its Veggie Tambah Sub (VTS) sandwich. " Annyeongha-sayur " (Hello vegetables), the brand said. Using the iconic introduction of one of BTS' members Kim Taehyung, also known as V, it added: "My name's VTS. I am good sub." V previously said a similar line in an interview with talk show host Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show". "Hi guys, My name's V. I am good boy," the K-pop artist said. This came shortly after fans flocked to competitor McDonald's to get their hands on the BTS Meal. 

Subway recently appointed PHD  to handle media planning and buying duties for Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan. It is understood that the contract period is still being finalised.

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