Sun Life Hong Kong is collaborating with singer Kay Tse to strengthen its health position within the Hong Kong marketplace. The unprecedented pandemic has spotlighted wellbeing and health as a top priority for Hong Konger’s. With continued uncertainty, quality health care and protection are front and centre for this city. 

Working with OMD Hong Kong, and with the insight that 63.5% of Hongkongers do not have private medical insurance, Sun Life Hong Kong recognised that this can make Hong Konger’s more vulnerable and exposed. Drawing on the analogy that no protection is just like being "Naked”, Sun Life Hong Kong set out to capture the urgent nature of being at risk in their latest campaign, "Say No to a Naked Life". 

In the TVC, Sun Life Hong Kong calls on famous singer Kay Tse to speak to the necessity of health protection and reinforce the insurer's strong position as an insurance provider with 129 years of history. Kay further highlights the critical features of the company's medical insurance.

Taking this one step further, the insurer employed a social-first video collaborating with Mike and Agent L, the crew members of the popular reality show "Error Selfish Project" on ViuTV. The online video, a second pillar of the campaign, speaks to the concerns of the working class, capturing the everyday lifestyle of Hongkongers and how this can impact health. 

To encourage young Hongkongers to take control of their health, OMD Hong Kong developed a tech-leading strategy that leveraged big data to talk to the right target segments precisely. In a marketing first for Sun Life Hong Kong, OMD Hong Kong elevated third-party data from various data providers such as eXelate, Eyeota, SIRdata, and BlueKai, to utilise affinity and in-market segments on health-related insurance across programmatic banners. Taking results and learning from previous campaigns, OMD Hong Kong backed this approach with first-party data to enable high accuracy in retargeting on social and digital platforms. 

Aligning with the strategic use of data on social and digital, OMD Hong Kong showcased the product on TV, OTV, and OOH. The campaign started the conversation online and offline among young citizens and drove social engagement via KOL's. 

The campaign thus far is claimed to have reached over five million in Hong Kong, and has more than18 million video views and 35 million impressions. 

"The say no to a naked life campaign is a significant milestone to Sun Life Hong Kong, shifting its marketing approach to a data-focus. We are delighted to work with OMD Hong Kong to launch a more proactive media campaign, which helps Hong Konger’s actively respond to the health crisis with award-winning insurance products," said Rita Ng, head of product marketing & communications of Sun Life Hong Kong.

"Given the current landscape, we are heartened to work with Sun Life Hong Kong on a campaign that helps support our community's wellbeing. Through the adoption of data, Sun Life is embracing new ways to connect with audiences," said Eppie Tsang, business director of OMD Hong Kong.

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