Taylor's University's Deepavali social media ad titled "Curious Kumar" aims to ask the difficult questions of society, in a bid to show that the light of knowledge will help dispel the darkness of ignorance. The video features a young Indian boy named Kumar, who asks his family several questions as they go about their daily lives and making preparations for Deepavali, only to be met by silence or dismissal.

The questions include "Johnny's mother said if he is naughty, the apunehneh will catch him. But if I'm naughty, who will come and catch me?" and why certain landlords would only rent rooms to non-Indians. According to Taylor's, Kumar's questions seek to amuse yet provoke deeper thought on situations that Malaysians are familiar with.

Within three days of its launch on 6 November, the film has nearly 455,000 views and over 7,000 reactions, comments and social media. Several netizens commented that the topic was very relatable. Group CMO Ben Foo said after several challenging conversations on the direction of its festive ads, the team decided that it should take more risks by touching on real human and cultural insights which can be controversial.

"If we are to prize education for our next generation and believe that truth will set us free, then the only way we as a country and as individuals should practice and ensure our freedom is to ask questions - questions that seek not to tear others down, but to illuminate, the hidden truths so others can see light and hope," he explained.

Foo hopes that youths are encouraged to always challenge the realities of the quality of life they experience today, so that they may shape the future they deserve. He also believes that the role of adults is to pave the way for the young generation to question, experiment, learn and fail but always to grow in their confidence and possess the courage to do what today's generation have fallen short in.

Speaking of the film's ending, which shows Kumar's sister urging him to never lose the light in him, Foo said he hopes the video will not only "unveil painful and hidden truths in the community" but also helps the audience realise that the status quo should not stop at just questions, but serve as an impetus for improvement and change for the better.

Curious Kumar follows a Malaysia Day film which Taylor's released in August this year. Similarly, the Malaysia Day film also projects the voice of the young in pricking the conscience of the older generation, reminding the audience that a nation can solve its deep rooted issues and catalyse progress through education.

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