The Indonesian government has asked national carrier Telekom to create a metaverse to help local firms, said a report on Bloomberg. This will help stand against pressures from Internet against giants such as Google and Facebook.

Last week the company said that it will introduce Metaverse Mall for the Indonesian people, named Metanesia. The Metaverse plans were shared at Telkom's 57th anniversary celebration, named Digiland 2022, a festival of music, arts, technology and culinary exhibitions. Digiland 2022 was held on 31 July 2022.  

Telkom, president director Ririek Adriansyah who was accompanied by Telkom SVP corporate communication & investor relations Ahmad Reza said that Digiland 2022 is one of Telkom's real proofs to convey messages to the public about Telkom's transformation steps into digital telco. He added that Telkom believes that the digital potential for Indonesia is enormous. "Digitalisation can help Indonesia to leap to be on par with other developed countries in the world, he added.

“In Digiland 2022, there are a variety of digital products, startup exhibitions, games area to MSME bazaars that use technology to run their business. We hope that Digiland 2022 can build public awareness that Telkom is indeed undergoing a transformation. In addition, Digiland 2022 is here to provide entertainment for the community," said Adriansyah.

"We proudly present Digiland 2022 as the highlight of Telkom's 57th anniversary. There are many treats wrapped in technology with entertainment, culinary arts, and SME products fostered by Telkom which can be witnessed not only by TelkomGroup employees and their families but also by stakeholders and the community in general. We hope that this event can be enjoyed and conveys the spirit of Telkom to continue to give the best contribution to the community and Indonesia through digitalisation."

According to the metaNesia website, it currently now has Metaverse Concert for virtual concerts and Metavese Mall for virtual shopping experiences, while Metaverse Showroom is the next service in line.

Additionally, metaNesia has already shared an Instagram post stating that its users are able to download the app and experience world of the metaverse – as it was hosting a virtual experience at Indonesia’s music festival, Digiland 2022, which was held at Gelora Bung on 31 July 2022.


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