The Thai government has put aside a fund to train older citizens to become content creators and social influencers. Currently, 14.1% of Thailand’s population is between the ages of 55 and 64, and 14.2% of Thailand’s population is aged 65 and above, according to Datareportal .

In an article by The Guardian , Dhanakorn Srisooksai, chief executive officer of Thai Media Fund said more and more elderly are using media right now, but with limited skills. As such the fund will assist the older generation to profit from their content and using the internet more effectively, added other media reports .

Thailand has traditionally been a market that has relied on influencer marketing and campaigns. According to a report by AnyMind Group in 2021, Thailand has one of the hottest influencer market growth, and brands are continuing to increase their spending for this form of marketing.

According to the report, the top five popular influencer verticals are: fashion and beauty; arts and entertainment (lifestyle); food and beverage, travel, and gaming. Although YouTube is the social media platform that most Thai influencers are on, when looking at the top three influencer verticals, arts and entertainment (lifestyle) influencers had the highest proportion on YouTube at 40.99%, whilst fashion and beauty influencers on YouTube stood at 18.03%.

While Twitter is the platform with the lowest usage rate by Thai influencers in proportion to the other social media platforms, it had a year-on-year growth of 165.03% for influencer marketing campaigns across Asia, said the report.

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