The rise of online scams is not news to many of us living in Thailand. However, a Thai influencer making headlines regionally for online scams is. 

Most recently, famous Thai YouTuber Natthamon Khongchak, "Nutty", who goes by Nutty's Diary on her YouTube channel, was thrust into the spotlight for allegedly scamming over 6,000 people for around two billion baht. Since then she reportedly fled to Malaysia, according to  Ch7 News . According to Phaisal Ruangrit, the lawyer helping fraud victims,  the YouTuber had used her popularity to lure victims with the promise of high returns in a short time.  Khongchak was claiming to be a forex trading expert and financial coach, to lure her victims into depositing money into her account.

When people started commenting  that they had not received the payments as promised, she explained she had made a mistake in trading leading to her losing all the money. However she promised to repay her investors.  Khongchak added, "I've been going to the police station a lot recently, because of the pressed charges against me. Up until May, all the finances have yet to be returned to me and I want to ask  for forgiveness and your empathy from everyone, I don't intentionally want to scam anyone. I won't run away from this situation and I will earn back the lost funds through other work and my side hustles."


Khongchak added if she had gone to prison, she wouldn't be able to pay for the damages. The Thai police have already issued an arrest warrant for fraudulent crimes against Khongchak last week, reported Bangkok Post . At the end of August however, Facebook page Drama-addict posted that the influencer had fled abroad.


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