The Body Shop Indonesia is on the hunt for a digital marketing analytics talent who will determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and marketplace or eCommerce design. According to the job description, this will be done by analysing page clicks, keyword hits, search engine traffic, and other data, including spend and effectiveness reporting.

The digital analyst will also develop data marts and business dashboards to give visibility to business leaders about business performance. At the same time, the individual will also disseminate information regarding metrics definition, dashboards/reports, or insights.

The ideal candidate should have at least three years of proven experience in assessment and analysis, planning and implementation, documentation, testing, communication, and risk assessment. He or she should also have worked in eCommerce, technology or start-ups and understand data pipelines, data mapping, data validation, and data analysis. At the same time, The Body Shop is also recruiting for digital marketing analytics talent for managerial roles, and they need to have at least five to seven years of experience. The candidate is also required to have significant analytics experience in tools such as Adobe Analytics, GA 360, and Salesforce Einstein Analytics, among others.

Chief digital officer Daniel Hagmeijer (pictured below) told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that he is seeking individuals with a passion for marketing and sales, and who love to figure out how to make things better. "Part of that is a spirit of experimentation. Experiments are a big part of The Body Shop culture; negative results are not a failure, but a chance to learn what works," he said.

daniel joins the body shop indo

Hagmeijer explained that its analytics mindset is focused on why, what, and how. People in the team know how to paint a picture and figure out the strategic implications of what they see happening across the funnel every day, he added.

As every customer is unique and has a different path to purchase, it is essential for The Body Shop to understand how consumers navigate each of the channels it offers them.

"Our analytics team really works across the funnel and because of that also across departments. It works closely with our digital marketing, eCommerce, brand marketing, and CRM teams to figure out how to create better experiences for our customers," he explained.

Hagmeijer's focus for this year would be to expand the digital team, in light of the eCommerce growth and "ever-growing contribution of eCommerce sales" to its overall business. "The Body Shop Indonesia is lucky enough to be at the forefront of eCommerce in our category, setting the trends, and understanding our customers at each step in the journey is an integral part of that," he said.

During the third quarter of its 2020 financial year, The Body Shop's parent company Natura & Co reported a 31.7% increase in revenue to US$19 billion compared with the same quarter last year. It experienced sustained growth in digital sales across all brands, including Avon, The Body Shop, and Aesop.

The financial statement added that Natura & Co continued strong acceleration in digital social selling and eCommerce, even as many retail markets reopened, with total group eCommerce sales growing more than 115% in the quarter compared with the prior year. The Body Shop, in particular, had a 51.9% net revenue increase in Brazilian real during Q3 2020, driven by growth in the UK and Australia. Consumers continued to shift to at-home and eCommerce, with growth of 333% and 103% respectively. According to the company, this significantly offset slower recovery of retail sales.

Despite a challenging year in 2020, Hagmeijer said the company adopted an experiment mindset which helped it shine last year. It carried out over a dozen of experiments and while not all of them were successful, Hagmeijer said each one has had massive value to the organisation.

"One of the biggest risks is to go into business as usual or busy being busy modes as soon as you have identified the winning formula. With the exponential growth of technology and technology adoption, the winning formula is obsolete tomorrow, so we really need to keep inventing better ways of serving our customers. Understanding them better is an integral part of that," he added.

Hagmeijer joined the team last month and he said in a LinkedIn post that he is thrilled to be part of the company's fight for a fairer and more beautiful world as the retail and beauty industries are ever-evolving alongside customer needs. He was previously MD of Wunderman Thompson Indonesia for a year after it merged with Mirum Indonesia last year. Before that, he spent more than six years with Mirum, last helming the role of MD overseeing a team of 115 professionals, according to his LinkedIn.

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