When it comes to branding, a brand name is key. According to Salmon Haqqi, business finance auditor from a UK-based price comparison website,, a brand's name can be one of the core pillars that will determine the popularity and success of a business. Therefore, aspiring entrepreneurs must consider carefully when choosing a brand name for a new business. In fact, Haqqi added that there are some fundamentals to keep in mind when doing so. 

Given that the brand name must be distinctive in order to stand out from the competitors, entrepreneurs and businesses need to be aware that the brand name must not be too difficult to say or spell.

This is especially important in the eCommerce age, as it can be easily identifiable online by consumers.

Once the brand name is decided, the visuals for the logos come in. Equally important as the name choosing process, the brand name has to be clearly communicated through colours, icons, and logos. 

Using online analytics tools to find some of the most misspelled brand names on the internet, the study found that Hyundai is one of the most misspelled brands with an average of 605,000 incorrect global online searches per month. Instead, the common search variation for the automobile manufacturer includes more than 500,000 searches on "Hundai" and 24,000 searches on "Hiundai". 


Coming in second place with an average of 365,000 incorrect searches was the Italian brand manufacturer of luxury sports car and SUVs, Lamborghini. In fact, users who were conducting searches for the luxury sports car brand are misspelling it as "Lamborgini" with 351,000 monthly searches. Some users have also spelled the sports car brand as "Lambogini", with 14,000 searches. Ferrari is in third position. The misspelled "Ferari" is searched online an average 123,000 times a month.

Liquor brands are also falling victim to a misspelling on the user front. For instance, french cognac producer, Hennessy came in fourth place with most users misspelling it as "Henessy", "Hennesy", Henesy" with a combined monthly search of 95,100. Whereas Dutch beer producer, Heineken, came in with 90,000 monthly searches, with most users spelling it as "Heinken".

Interestingly, clothing company, Uniqlo was also on the list, coming in in ninth place. The company which originated from Japan is erroneously searched online with an average of 58,600 times every month. The error-filled Uniqlo searches include "Uniclo" with 55,000 monthly searches, "Unilo" with 2,100 monthly searches and "Uniql" at 1,500 monthly searches. 

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