Brand collaborations have been a plenty in recent times, and the latest one to hit the market is between Tiffany & Co. and Fendi. This is for Fendi’s iconic Baguette bag's 25th anniversary.

The Fendi bag was made popular due to its cameo on popular television series Sex and the City . In the show, protagonist Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, says "This isn't a bag. It's a Baguette”.  As part of the launch of the bag, Parker also joined forces with Fendi to debut reimagined takes on the Baguette.

According to reports on WWD , Alexandre Arnault, executive vice president of product and communications at Tiffany & Co said the idea of “paying homage” to the Baguette through a Tiffany collaboration made sense. With this partnership, Tiffany & Co. will also be lending its iconic Robin Blue to Fendi’s Baguette bag.  Tiffany & Co.’s iconic blue has been trademarked by the company in 1998. In 2001, Tiffany Blue was standardised as a custom exclusively for Tiffany and not publicly available.

This is also the first partnership within the LVMH family for Tiffany & Co. since its very high profile acquisition by LVMH. During the acquisition, analysts said that makeover was expected at the Tiffany & Co. household to appeal to young shoppers and Asian customers. The acquisition also saw the CEO and several high level executives depart from the company.

The acquisition also saw Tiffany & Co. push its boundaries with its campaigns. Most notably it collaborated with street wear powerhouse Supreme, which saw six pieces of jewellery and one T-Shirt being created.

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