China Tonghai Securities has reached new heights of excellence in marketing communications, winning an award for the Best Cost Effective Event category with the "Quam Derivatives Double Reward" campaign at the esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Events Awards 2021. This year has seen big changes in the market as the pandemic took hold in Hong Kong and Quam Derivatives has been gladly acknowledged as one of the brands that has adapted best.

Collaborated with one of Hong Kong’s favourite casual dining restaurant groups, "Quam Derivatives Double Reward" for the new trading app Quam Derivatives was a crossover campaign designed to enhance mutual brand awareness and speed up market penetration for both parties. With the uncertainty from COVID-19 persisting across the globe, Tonghai Securities has launched an offline-to-online marketing campaign that was aimed to stay connected with the public while shouldering social distancing obligations.

It was carried out by reaching target customers via eye-catching marketing collaterals that appeared on the dining table of selected dining restaurants. By scanning the QR code, accessing the mini website and a few easy steps to register, the campaign not only raised public awareness, but also successfully gained a large number of app users, and part of whom was motivated by additional offers with extra incentive to become more active into the app.
mevents21 winner slides5 Tonghai Securities is committed to supporting the community in its battle with the virus and showing our speed to market which enabled us to catch the moment. Responding to the dramatic rise in demand for surgical masks, Tonghai Securities jumped on the bandwagon to launch face masks giveaways by presenting street booths at the heart of central business districts in Hong Kong.
s6 street booth girls Despite the cost-saving strategies, "Quam Derivatives Double Reward" still created buzz and raised brand visibility through a variety of marketing approaches. Reaching more than 30,000 potential clients at street booths and receiving over 100,000 views on YouTube, the company has achieved a 300% increase in Facebook comments and 200% in Facebook likes, which reflected a very constructive contribution of the event in the regard of driving customer engagement and being financially smart.

Established in 1986, Tonghai Securities has a strong company background and financial resources. As a rising household name, Tonghai Securities takes pride in developing campaigns that reflect an ever-evolving industry and in delivering the best possible promotional opportunities. With considerable agility in its quick decision to conceptualise and execute the campaign in a cost-effective manner, Tonghai Securities is pleased to be widely recognised and wins the accolade at the esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Events Awards 2021.

This article is sponsored by Tonghai Securities. 

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