The past two years have been unprecedented as all of our work routines inevitably have been required to make changes. The pandemic is not yet over and how to launch a successful event while complying with social distancing rules has become a key challenge.

Tricor Hong Kong (Tricor) has been holding its annual corporate governance conference since 2002. Every year, industry elites get together, share and exchange ideas on the latest trends and development with regard to corporate governance. Tricor did not want to suspend this annual event and disappoint clients and peers, so it decided to adopted a hybrid approach for the first time for its 2020 conference and put in place a virtual layer for anyone who preferred to join online.

Yet, shifting to a hybrid format didn’t mean a trade-off. Instead, the seminar was a great success and despite all the challenges, Tricor has successfully reinvented its annual conference into an even bigger event. The number of participants leaped from 1,000 in the previous year to more than 1,500 in 2020, with people attending the event in person or joining online. tricor photo1 The seminar was livestreamed via Tricor’s proprietary, award-winning eMeeting solution SPOT. Apart from the annual conference itself, the conference can also served as a perfect live demonstration of the SPOT solution. Both online and offline participants can experience first-hand the innovative features of solutions such as livestreaming and eVoting.

Also, because the conference was being held in a hybrid format, the team incorporated a number of digital elements into the event.

For instance, instead of traditional event booths, they designed an experiential lounge where interactive displays were utilised so participants could try out Tricor’s flagship digital products onsite. For online participants, they could experience the tools with a live camera.

Besides, to add more fun to the event, several photo check-in points were specially designed. In the experiential lounge, 3D illusion art displays, incorporated with the product slogan “Board Meeting Made Easy”, were set up. They not only provided good fun and photo opportunities, but also attracted people to explore and spend more time at the experiential lounge, where they were encouraged to experience Tricor’s digital tools. tricor photo2 The key challenge of hybrid events is to make sure the experience was consistent across online and offline touchpoints. The use of SPOT, its live streaming function and interactive technology have ensured that online participants could have the same seamless meeting experience just like those who physically attended the event.

Meeting virtually has become the new normal as social distancing measures are still in place and international travels are extremely difficult. Technological advancements have not only made hybrid and virtual meetings possible, but also opened up more possibilities and fresh ideas for future events.

This article is sponsored by Tricor. 

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