Local media broadcaster TVB has defended its decision to terminate RTHK programmes after a former district councillor accused the broadcaster of being biased and restricting freedom of expression in Hong Kong.

According to the public statement released on 30 August, TVB said that a former district councillor Ho Kai Ming Kalvin published certain false statement regarding the revocation of the mandatory directions for domestic free television programme service licensees to broadcast programmes of Radio Television Hong Kong, asserting that TVB is biased, colluding with the Hong Kong Government to restrict freedom of expression, or otherwise under the influence of the Chinese Government.

TVB then clarified in the statement that the act of terminating RTHK programmes was “purely out of commercial, operational and programming considerations, with the aim to vacate the timeslot to offer the audiences a greater diversity of television programmes”. It also said that RTHK programmes would continue to be aired on RTHK’s own channels, and RTHK does not object to the revocation.

On 25 August 2022, Ho retracted his assertions and published public apologies in the newspapers and his social media channels, admitting that his assertions are unfair, unsubstantiated, and devoid of the truth, according to the statement. TVB said it reiterates that it will safeguard the name of TVB and continue to provide services to the public with professionalism and neutrality.

ho kai ming

According to Ho’s Facebook post on 25 August, Ho apologised for making false, unfair and unproven allegations about TVB being biased and sided with the Hong Kong government to restrict freedom of expressions. Ho also reassured that he will not publish any related defamatory opinions or speeches.

Previously in July, TVB’s general manager Eric Tsang has dominated headlines for investing in Shenzhen-based housekeeping services company  輕鬆到家  (Home Easily) that users have requested refunds from. According to the official statement released on 19 July, Home Easily explained that the company's capital chain was impacted and negative news surrounding the company has also impacted its sales and delivery. All business sales and deliveries have been suspended since 18 July.

The statement also said that the resumption of operation notice has yet to be confirmed, and there are still debts owed. When the company goes into liquidation, the debts will be gradually repaid according to the company's capital operation. 

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