TVB’s general manager Eric Tsang has dominated headlines for investing in Shenzhen-based housekeeping services company 輕鬆到家  (Home Easily) that users have requested refunds from. According to the official statement released on 19 July, Home Easily explained that the company's capital chain was impacted and negative news surrounding the company has also impacted its sales and delivery. All business sales and deliveries have been suspended since 18 July.

The statement also said that the resumption of operation notice has yet to be confirmed, and there are still debts owed. When the company goes into liquidation, the debts will be gradually repaid according to the company's capital operation. 


The announcement has triggered public outcry among Chinese netizens and users of the company’s app, questioning how they could apply for refunds and how long it would take to proceed, according to . Some also commented that the customer service hotline is unavailable, adding that the company has owed them money for at least four months. Tsang, who also happens to be the GM of TVB, has not responded to the matter in public, media outlets said.  MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to Tsang for comment. 

Online sentiments analysed

According to social listening firm Tocanan, the conversation volume has risen from 25 July 2022 and it peaked on 26 July 2022. The incident has drawn 96% of negative sentiments online, as well as 4% of positive sentiments across social platforms. 

eric tsang

To resume operations in due course, Home Easily said that it will introduce strategic investors such as listed property companies and local service platforms, repay debts through financing and debt restructuring, seek third-party brand cooperation, and implement product replacement for the unconsumed balance of customers.

Meanwhile on 13 July, Home Easily said in a statement that the refund for customers will be paid in batches. It categorised the refund into four segments, from a minimum refund below RMB2,000 in one batch to a maximum of more than RMB10,000 in five batches. This is done “since our cash flow is tight", the company said in the statement, adding that all customer refunds will be paid off within 14 months.

According to its website, Home Easily was founded in 2014 as a housekeeping O2O service company that cooperates with internet platforms such as Tmall,, and Meituan Dianping. As of the end of May this year, Home Easily’s services covered six cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Foshan, with more than 600 in-house employees and over 5,000 self-operated technicians, with more than 100,000 orders delivered per month. As of 8 July this year, Easy Home still has more than a million users.

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