esb电竞数据投注电脑版 and communications company VaynerX has launched its eCommerce arm called VaynerCommerce, following the acquisition of eCommerce, engineering and design company Lucid Fusion. The new entity will combine Lucid Fusion's eCommerce knowledge with VaynerX's approach to growing brands to aid companies in building sustainable eCommerce businesses.

According to a media statement, VaynerCommerce's offering will provide new sources of repeatable growth for eCommerce brands by embracing a full-funnel, rapid-experimentation-based approach across creative, media and technology. In addition, VaynerCommerce will consult with brands to solve and develop solutions to specific eCommerce problems.

VaynerCommerce will consist a team of more than 40 staff, who will be based in  Los Angeles. The company will be led by  former Lucid Fusion executives  Zubin Mowlavi  as president and  Ben Fried  as chief technology officer, in addition to VaynerX employee  Robbie Deeks  as chief commercial officer.

On the launch of VaynerCommerce, Gary Vaynerchuk , chairman of VaynerX said there is a fundamental shift in the eCommerce market, and to date, many over-funded direct-to-consumer companies have focused on acquisition-heavy growth strategies and paid media to grow their brands. However, according to Vaynerchuk, VaynerCommerce brings a new and different offering to the marketplace, focused on growth through the lens of customer lifetime value.

"By integrating the entire funnel across creative, media, technology and life cycle marketing, we are able to deliver an outcomes-focused approach for our clients. My background is in eCommerce, having started The Wine Library — one of the first eCommerce wine websites — in 1996. I am therefore super excited to launch this company and feel that now is the right time to do it," he added. 

Meanwhile, Mowlavi said Lucid Fusion's goal has always been to help brands achieve sustainable growth through its technology solutions, and now at VaynerCommerce, the team can deliver on this mandate across media, creative, technology and data science. 

Deeks added, "I began my career at Shopify, and since leaving there two years ago, I've been quietly building Vayner's eCommerce capabilities. So, to bring VaynerCommerce to market with an offering that will help brands chart new paths in eCommerce is both incredibly exciting and what the market needs in this ever-changing landscape."

While we ride this wave together, stay productive and join us for our newly launched  webinar series  covering a wide range of topics on business resilience.

VaynerX's other subsidiaries include VaynerMedia, VaynerProductions, The Sasha Group, Gallery Media Group, VaynerCommerce, Tracer and VaynerSpeakers.

VaynerMedia started up its APAC operations in 2019, through the opening of its Singapore office. Currently, the agency has a headcount of 48 staff in APAC. Since opening its Singapore office, VaynerMedia has made notable appointments and established its presence here by ramping up its Asia growth plan. The agency also rolled out its first large scale campaigns and first campaign focused exclusively on the  Singapore market for its key client Prudential

Globally, VaynerMedia recently restructured its business operations and slashed about 5% of its workforce, but APAC was not impacted. VaynerMedia told esb电竞数据投注电脑版 then that the restructuring is part of the normal course of business, but declined to comment which departments were impacted. The agency is headquartered in New York, and has worked with global brands Planters, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Heinz, Mondelez and more. 

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